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Unregistered 3rd July 2012 02:59 PM

Tectonics Spitfire
I have chance to buy tectonics spitfire 45 cm in almost new condition. How fast is this fin? I have experience with mirage and goldwing. Is spitfire slower than goldwing? I expect it to be more slippery than mirage which is super grunty.
Obviously it's not going to be as slick as the talons, but is it still competitive with them especially in lighter more marginal conditions?

Phyxius 3rd July 2012 07:17 PM

This is just my own personal experience but I have a spitfire 42 and its great. Nice classic upright shape so gives a lot of lift in light wind. You will have no problems going upwind. Its grunty but not slippery from my experience so it gives a lot of confidence to push hard without fear of spinning out. i only have gw and f1 in smaller sizes so cant directly compare but those profiles are better in crazier conditions.

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