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Unregistered 15th July 2012 11:53 PM

bic samba and alpha 291
hello, i have been away from windsurfing for a few years now. i am wanting to get back in again very badly. my previous boards have been longboards. i havent learned to waterstart yet. i am trying to find the cheapest way to get back into the sport. i have been offered to use a couple of boards from a friend to borrow while i am getting my finances together to look for a used one of my own. one is a bi samba 170 liters and the other an alpha 291 125 liters aka fanatic ultra shark 291. i weigh 145 pounds. do you think either of these boards have advantages over the other board. i do want to learn to waterstart. would either board be easier to learn that skill on. i sail mainly in 5-15 mph winds on lake norman in charlotte nc. i take trips to the nc coast as well as hatteras as often as i can. any insight and helpful suggestions we be very much appreciated. thanks, len

Unregistered 16th July 2012 01:02 AM


I have had a BIC Samba and have a Fanatic Ultra CAT.
The Alpha 291 is NOT a CAT, but rather a Fanatic Shark in disguise {from what I have read}
The BIC is definitely a longboard and the Fanatic is a shortboard.

If you are riding on lakes in 5 to 15 mph then the BIC is the ticket...
Waterstarts in those winds ?? At 100 kilos, I practice waterstarts in 15 to 20 mph winds :-)
At 145 pounds that may mean 10 to 15 mph and is sail dependent.

Once winds are over 15 mph, the Fanatic is the ticket.
And then waterstarts start to become practical...
Again the sail is just as important - as is the fin.

Welcome back to the world of windsurfing and please be patient...
Today I lost patience, butt it was my fault - put wrong kit on the lake.
That is why I always say - longboards for the lakes - unless it is a large lake...

Lotsa Luck & Never Stop :-)

Unregistered 18th July 2012 10:23 AM

Its nice to hear from someone who has had a samba.I have a few questions if you dont mind. Is it hard to get your feet in the footstraps? Does the samba plane well? Where is a good place to position the mast base in the slot? My first board ever was a fanatic fox. I rode it for years and loved it. I have always wanted to ride the ultra cat because it looks extremely fast. Thanks, Len

Unregistered 18th July 2012 11:11 PM

the Ultra CAT is a FUN longboard
it can plane and does feel fast
however a nice shortboard feels and IS faster !!!
when the wind is lite - nothing beats it - can be used even when the kites get off
have even used a 10-oh sail on this 200+ liter board

i still hesitate on the footstraps
when i had the Samba, I actually removed the straps since they were "in my way"
i believe i had a really old Samba with two(2) places to put the mast base
one of the two(2) positions was the more comfortable, butt i donut remember which
the board became waterlogged and the board specific base broke = junked it :-(
i enjoyed that board as it was free and it got me on the water
the specs i have is max 7.4 sail
my most used sail now at 100 kilos is 8-oh
on the CAT, 160 liter short board for now
trying it on a 170 liter BIC Techno Formula this year :-)

Unregistered 18th July 2012 11:13 PM


Originally Posted by Unregistered (Post 57479)
however a nice shortboard feels and IS faster !!!
when the wind is lite - nothing beats it - can be used even when the kites get off
have even used a 10-oh sail on this 200+ liter board

what i mean here is - nothing beats the CAT in light wind !!!

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