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dakatmiami 18th July 2012 06:57 PM

How to move to Hawaii
I want to move to Hawaii
I have some save money in the bank that will help me move to another place. I am thinking,,,, Hawaii.....ahhhh!!!

If I move there, what kind of jobs would I be able to find there? I am a current student of Web Design and interactive media and have one year left to finish school. Do you think I might be able to find a job there?
I want to have a normal life, not to glamorous but not to low quality of life. I just want to windsurf every day!!!

People living in the island are more than welcome to give me some feedbacks of what to expect there, what is the job market like, how is the people like, what is the big change and difference from the rest of USA?

Unregistered 27th July 2012 03:24 PM

Do not come to Hawaii. Don't waste your time. Stay where you are.
Miami is a great place and the weather is unreal. Not to mention the beautifull beaches of S Florida.
Hawaii is nice as a tourist, as a local you will be surprise about the cons and pros. Here everything is very expensive. I regret moving here. I had a perfect life back in Tennessee. Now I have to work harder and play harder. Beer is expensive as hell.

Stay where you are, do not come here!! Windsurf in the east coast. There are lots of places.

Unregistered 28th July 2012 06:59 AM

maui magic or maui mush?
hawaiis a wierd place dood, there is an undercurrent of ideas nationalities, races and a bit of diverse racism, and forces one cant understand unless you go there alot or live there for years.

most people living there are involved with the tourist industry, or their jobs are funded by the taxes derived off of tourist the government /county of maui.
the other people living there are retired and or dont live there full time, its a seasonal vacation spot for alot of people that you will never get to know.

the thing is the vibe of the place is that people are trying to live a dream , a relaxed laid back dream with their own little slice of heaven.
but add to that high prices for everything, and you get a more then a few disappointed people rushing aroudn holding tightly to what they have, and trying to get why you want. people working like dogs to make ends meet..

i met one guy owner of a sailbaord rental place middle aged asked him how he liked it, he said it was hard to make friends, as many people their are transient, and oif they werent they though if you just arrived you would be transient ( ie moving back to the mainland) sooner rather then later.

maui great spot but smaller and while not necessarily exclusive, its more inclusive then meets the eye.

good luck.

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