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Unregistered 20th July 2012 10:45 PM

Help-Fanatic Mega Cat or Mistral One Design?
Can anyone tell which board better to choose for raceboarding at lakes? I don't know, which is better. Someone offers me an old Mega Cat (one of the first models, may be year 1990-1995 or so), the other offer is used Mistral One Design (produced approximately in year 2004, it has long red line on the right side). I have read that Mega Cat goes better upwind because of a longer daggerboard, but it's 250 litres and 380 cm long. One Design is 235 litres and 372 cm long, but it's about 2 kg heavier. Some surfers write that Mistral OD does not sail good in light wind - is it true? Which of them both is faster in strong wind? Which is more durable?

Unregistered 21st July 2012 01:41 AM

i have an Ultra CAT and have heard the MEGA CAT is quicker and more "technical" - whatever that means
i have also heard negative things about the MOD or Mistral One Design
sorry i cannot be more helpful on this subject
however, i do suggest you try the longboard windsurf forum as well on

lotsa luck

Unregistered 22nd July 2012 12:01 AM

if its in good condition probably the mega cat - they were the board of the day, and still very competitive - if its 2kg lighter then its probably a no brainer between the two

light winds the cat, stronger winds possibly the MOD but quality of sailor will dictate

Gyurmo 22nd July 2012 11:20 PM


from all the aspect the fanatic mega cat is better below 16-18 knots. in constant stronger wind easier to handling the mistral od in reaching and down wind. fanatic is more fragile, but the fanatic's mast truck, foot straps positions and daggerboard much better. fanatic planning earlier.

i hope its help,

Unregistered 30th November 2012 06:03 PM

Lots of gear for sale
I I have a Fanatic Megacat 12 foot course racing board, multiple sails, masts, booms etc. All in good condition. The board has two Carbon Fiber centerboards for racing. Also an F2 Xantos 310 10 foot race board that is in excellent condition. Both of these boards are ready to race, but are also great for learning because they are buoyant and very light (expensive new). Multiple sails and etc. I have too many toys and bought a sailboat. Will sell all or piece by piece.

Unregistered 1st December 2012 07:46 PM

Mega Cat
Hi, where is the mega cat? in Europe? What is the price for the board.
regards, roland

Unregistered 1st December 2012 09:24 PM

MegaCat compares to Equipe11's. One design, depending on exact year, might be the same shape, but much too heavy for light wind performance.
Kinda like comparing a board for slalom racing. Would you take a Kode over an iSonic?

jeff e of the gwn 9th December 2012 01:25 PM

not bored with a longboard
go with the mega cat , lighter more rewarding, handle with care. If you handle your gear more ruggedly go for the MOD its heavy and more resistant to damage.
a light racing longboard can be a very rewarding sailing experience. In marginal winds with a big sail, you can really get cooking with the centreboard down and the railing up the board rockets upwind, not as good as a formual but the gorrve is sweet.
in medium to heavy wind there more of a handfull but still can be a blast.

Unregistered 9th December 2012 05:12 PM

when one needs to repair a CAT - what does one use ??
epoxy and solar EZ did not do the job :-(

Gyurmo 10th December 2012 06:25 AM


its strange, because epoxy should be good for that. two component epoxy have to be good for rapair. DONT use any poliester based materials, because will eat the foam inside.


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