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Guest 4th April 2007 11:27 AM

Help me with 2 New Boards
I have the following boards:
- Falcon 131
- 75L waveboard

I have the following sails:
- 9m Daytona
- 7.3 X-Type
- 6.0 X-Type
- 5.3 Ice
- 4.7 Ice

I want 2 new boards to work in between the Falcon 131 and the waveboard. What would you recommend?

The general use will be coastal choppy waters and flatwater lakes with the occasional day in the surf.

Windman 4th April 2007 12:02 PM

RE: Help me with 2 New Boards
Good morning, Guest,

I have pretty much the same boards as you with the following in-betweens:

JP SX 96 litre

JP Super Sport 115 litre

You might consider a freestyle-wave board of around 95 litres in place of the SX, if you want more bump/jump action (I know I am).

Hope this helps,



Happy 4th April 2007 12:09 PM

RE: Help me with 2 New Boards
My quiver last year:

- Falcon 131
- iSonic 105
- Evo 80
- Evo 74

This worked pretty good for me (sails from 3.7 up to 9.0), I weighed around 85 kg. at the time

geo 4th April 2007 02:05 PM

RE: Help me with 2 New Boards
Happy's suggestion seems smart.
Maybe one could consider a Kombat 87 in place of the bigger Evo, to suit better the lake sailing; and an S-Type instead of the iSonic, since your preference for freerace/freeride sails suggests you like ease of use better than extreme performance.

Guest 4th April 2007 06:03 PM

RE: Help me with 2 New Boards
Thanks for the input guys.

I think I agree with both Happy, Windman and geo's suggestion who all said the same thing basically :) which is great news!

In my mind, I was thinking the iSonic 105 and maybe a JP FSW 84 or Fanatic Freewave 86 ... but wasn't sure if I should be going for something like Windman's SX96 board. This seems like it will be too close to the 105. And even then, Windman seemed to regret not going for something more B&J!

I think the iSonic 105 will work well with the 7.3 and maybe the 6.0m .. maybe the 6.0m will be too small on the i105. With a 6m on the iSonic, I could probably jump onto the 6.0m with the 85 B&J board anyway?

o2bnme 4th April 2007 09:29 PM

RE: Help me with 2 New Boards
I would suggest looking at the iSonic 101/105 or 111/115. Not knowing what you weigh makes it hard to tell you which is a better option. If you are trying to fit two boards in between your current boards, I tend to think the larger is a better option. You could use it with the 6.0 - 9.0 (7.3 & 9.0 would be the more ideal sails).

Don't worry about bumping a freeride/fsw board up against the iS101/105. If the volumes are within 15 liters, they will still seem worlds apart. I use my iSonic 105 from 4.8 to 8.0. Sure, 4.8 isn't an ideal size, but it works. I'll use my 4.8 to 6.6 on my AHD Convert 60 (91L). Depending on the conditions or my mood, I will choose the board and have a totally different experience.

Again, not knowing what you weigh, it is hard to pick a 85-90L board to sit above your 75L board.

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