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Per 4th April 2007 01:56 PM

Phantom 320 planing??
I know it's a bit early, but does anybody have experience about how early the Phantom 320 will get on a plane with lets say an 8.5 sail?
How does it compare to carves, iSonics etc??
Will it plane earlier than the 380?

crazychemical 10th April 2007 04:10 AM

RE: Phantom 320 planing??
been wondering the same, SB is presenting us with a few new boards since like january but only the anounced ones got reviews and critiques. Unfortunatly, it's the new, more extravagant ones that pull my attention. If anyone know more abotu the phanton 320 and 380 or can get us more details i'd for one be super pleased!

Per 10th April 2007 03:01 PM

RE: Phantom 320 planing??
And that's a very good point.
Starboard has a HUGE range, also including the extravagant designs (Hypersonics, Aeros, Serenity etc.). Great cause it means the customer has a chance for getting the exact board for his/hers specific need.
Not great because it's impossible to know what you buy (I've never had the possibility to try out any of my Starboards before I bought them) .The danish importer doesn't even have a Phantom Race on stock.
How can I know if a (extravagant) board is the one for me???

Guest 11th April 2007 06:56 PM

RE: Phantom 320 planing??
so it seems the 320 is a 'junior raceboard' designed around the class rules to win in the usal light winds, whereas the hybrid formula is a balance of race board & formula.

Guest 19th April 2007 02:34 PM

RE: Phantom 320 planing??
Hi there,

Has anyone experience with the new Starboard Phantom 222? Recommended to me for recreational windsurfing, my weight is 125 KG, and I would love to surfe without the need for pumping all teh time and without the need for 9.9 m2 sails. Have been surfing 10 years ago (Bic Astro Rock), and started agin last year uncussessfully using a F2 PowerGlide.

Any recommendations welcome.


WSguy 19th April 2007 08:35 PM

RE: Phantom 320 planing??
Looking at the new catalogue from the House, I see that all these new boards: Bic Hybrid @ 34 lbs., Exocet Kona Style @34.1 lbs,Serenity Sport Tech @31 lbs. and this Phantom (301 Tuftskin @33 lbs, 320 not available yet), and other long boards are rather heavy. In fact they compare to the older boards. I have an old Bic 320 Calypso @15.5 kg or 34.1 lbs. (the deluxe version, the Samba, was 33 lbs) and a Hi Fly Curtis 310 @ 31 lbs both made of polyethylene which have served me well. I see no reason to shell out big bucks for one of these hyped-up production boards.

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