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van 14th August 2012 03:34 PM

2013 models - why no tri-fin board?
Hi guys,

Congratulations on the new model line up. Boards look (and I'm sure go) great. Already ordered a 97 iSonic. But I was wandering why you didn't bring out a tri-fin board.

Now I know the Kode is Philip's signature board and he has preferance to a twin but non of us ride or will ever ride like him. Some of us like a good old middle fin that you can bump and jump and stick on a couple of thrusters to transform the board for the occasional Eurostyle onshore good weather day. And although you'll probably direct me to the Quad but for me (who I'm a bit old school) I prefer to have a middle fin for that extra speed and a couple of thrusters for that extra control.

Of course I'm talkign about personal preferance here which might not cover the majority of your customers but I'm sure Philips way of riding doesn't either.



van 27th August 2012 01:21 PM

Hi guys,

Any news? I'm waiting for a responce so I can order something.

scott mckercher 29th August 2012 12:04 PM

Hi Van
I'm not going to direct you towards the quad, even though I'm old school too and just love em:) Tey really do have a lot of lift up onto the plane and prduce speed through a turn like nothing else.

As you pointed out, none of us will probably ever learn what philip is up to, but have you ever noticed how fast he goes when looking for a ramp to boost what he does. He's flying, and as you mentioned he's on a twin. The top end control is rather phenomenal adn Philip loves his boards to go quick.

The old school back foot loading up blasting sensation is also available with the Kode when you convert to single fin mode, and I doubt you'd be disappointed with that. Right now it would seem a lot of companies are pushing thrusters as the next big thing, but if you looked at the beach in the canaries and 90% of the riders were still on quads.

As public enemy once sang. "don't don't don't believe the hype"
We are looking into thrusters, but have not yet come up with anything that beats the combination that we have right now, which is an extremely diverse range.

Got the Kode. It's a great blasting board in both configurations


van 29th August 2012 03:17 PM

Hi Scott

Thanks for your reply. Can you please confirm if the Kode 77 has a wider tail width than the Kode 82 as per the website or is that a typo and should be 36.1 instead of 37.1. If so it is not very different from last years Evo 76 with the main difference being that the Kode has a double concave and the Evo 2012 76 a flat V. What effect would you say the two bottom shapes have on the boards. Does the double concave make the board plane quicker? Cause correct me if I'm wrong but the I think it's general knowledge that the flat v is the quicker shape of the two always depending on the rocker line of course. Is the rocker line a lot different between the two? Many thanks in advance.


van 28th October 2012 08:53 PM

Hi guys,

Further to my message above I'm looking to buy a 75 litre board for the occasional wave sailing sessions I sail during the winter months. The board will be used mainly from 5.3 down to 4.2m sail. To be honest I was looking for a trifin board but as I'm a Starboard addict was considering the Kode 77. But at 69 kg I am thinking that the board might be a bit of a handfull in overpowered conditions due to it's 58cm width even though I am mainly a slalom sailor and prefer to have a little more board under my feet over your average wave sailor. What do you think?

I do not consider the kode 72 as an option as my previous board was an Evo 71 2011 and found the board a pig to get planning and the board would come of the plane far too easy in between gusts. So cause of it I prefer to have slighly more board than less.

Awaiting your response.


scott mckercher 6th November 2012 10:24 PM

Hi van
Sorry for late reply
The new kode is a very different board to last years evo
very good planing and top end speed.
As a twin it has a very sweet straight line feel. It's an amazing blasting board, but also turns well.
at 69kg's am sure you'll be able to get away with the 72
hope this helps

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