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Pacs 24th August 2012 09:24 AM

ST Hybrid Race ClipperBox
Hi Team!

Im a ST Hybrid Race proud owner. I bought it second hand and looks in good shape. But have some questions:

The daggerboard feels very hard to operate.
- How can I improve the performance of such hard and grippy rubber lips?
- Clipperbox system seems to be working bad, due to any problem at clipperbox plates. Can I find replaces for the clipperbox plates? All clipperbox plates are the same or varies for every board? Where to find spares clipperbox plates?
- The board says is DRAM but your website says TUFSKIN. What I have inside? Any suggestion about how to repair the small dings I have in the harder rails prone to damage when drag on the beach?

Thanks in advance!


Pacs 30th August 2012 09:36 AM

any tip? even not from the team?

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