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mikerb 3rd September 2012 09:51 PM

Is 107 2012...Love it!
I finally made the leap from freerace boards to full on slalom in the form of a wood IS 107 2012......saw no reason to wait for the 2013. First session was with a 7m Tush Lightning and 39cm Select S11. I was out for over 2 hours and never even got wet! Gybing was so simple and the board is so stable in choppy water. It took me a little time to find out how to get going early and the technique was not a great deal different to the one I use with my IS 133. I fully expected to have to replace the foostraps ( which I have done on my Is 133 and Kode) but I actually found them to be fine with my thin summer booties.
So many of the posts on Isonics are by heavyweight racers ( understandably) that it is difficult to determine what this board can offer a non racer. So for the benefit of anyone thinking of an Isonic just for fast blasting...try the 107. My main requirements for a board of this size is to perfom in all those winds between bump and jump 5.5/6 weather and summer cruising ( albeit quite quick!) on my IS 133 with a 7.8/8/5. I am not interested in big full on race sails so use twin cams with loads of wind range. The board needs to be good upwind, handle swell and chop, and also glide through lulls and wind shadows. I want to use it mostly with 6.4 and 7m sails. I weigh 77kg. The 107 fits the bill perfectly and has replaced both 110 and 125 freerace boards......and is easier to sail!

mcross19 4th September 2012 07:47 AM

Hi mikerb, I agree, these boards are very easy to use even for an advancing intermediate, the only problem I have found is the footstrap position is too far outboard for my size 10 feet and my heels drag in the water even when planning. It's a shame Starboard don't give you a second set of holes 1 inch further inboard so I can enjoy this board more. I suppose it is all about saving weight!

RadiantX 5th September 2012 03:24 AM

Hi mikerb,

I did the same - that is, replaced my Freerace (Futura111) board with the 2012 Isonic107 Carbon. I use a twin cambered 7.5m sail and 38 - 42cm C3 Venoms depending on water conditions. I've only had the board wet 4 times since purchasing it a few months ago but I'm really enjoying it so far. No where near as technical or difficult to sail as I was lead to believe! Only very small issue I have is it is slightly harder to release my back foot going into a gybe. Not a big problem as it comes down to practice and time on the water. But, I have actually only just replaced my Drake straps with Dakine Contours from one of my other boards. I'm looking forward to seeing how that works as I do really like the Contours.

troll 11th September 2012 07:45 PM

I have big feet and wear booties. On my 2010 isonic 101, I had to replace the drake straps and also use the additional inserts to widen the straps further.

Also, to place the straps a bit inboard, I mounted the straps using the offset holes in the straps rather than the center one. The serrated metal anti-twist plate still fitted okay. It's a small change, but I think it helped to make the straps easier to get in/out of.

Remi 12th September 2012 01:02 AM

Hi Troll,

Since 2010 their is a lot of change on foot straps and insert.

For 2013 iSonic you have again new foot straps with a very wide range of trim.

You can put them more in board or more out board
You can change the stance from 14 to 15 cm wide by rotating the offset washer for the front foot straps and 15 to 16 for the back foot straps.
You can trim for small feat to big feat with booties with some indicators.

So also you can make many combination with this 3 way of trim.

All the best

Ken21 18th September 2012 11:13 AM

Q for Remi - 2013 Futura 131
hi Remi,
was wondering if you could give your input about the new Futura 131 for 2013. Having owned the IS107 which is fantastic board, was considering a Futura 131 for light to medium wind blasting, mainly with 8.5 as the biggest sail.

Would like to know how this board rates in terms of early planing, speed, upwind and control. I could have easily got an IS117 instead, but found the board very short and not so fun in the jibes. My main objective is just fast freeride blasting, the board has to be early planing and good control in the chops, comfortable and fun to ride. I am not into slalom racing, so that's why considering the Futura. Advanced sailor @80kg weight.


Remi 19th September 2012 02:51 AM

Hi Ken21

Yes no reason to take iSonic if you nor racing and on top of that looking for more freeride stuff.

Futura 131 can be a good option with more easy planning, jibbing and top end speed is really not far from iSonic.

Have fun

All the best

Phill104 19th September 2012 08:30 PM


I too went for the combo you are considering. The iS107 I really love. It is just sweet. But for the bigger board I went for the Futura 133. For me it was a no brainer. I used to have an iS133 (80 wide) but SB dropped that version due to I believe ISAF rules for the following year. The replacement became 85 wide which was just too much for my wants. So I stuck with the 133/80 until last year. I wanted a board for up to 9m mainly for my 9.0 X15 mainly for use on the lake. I was not going to be racing and add in the fact that the 117 is a bit of a dog off the plane the Futura made most sense. I can honestly say that in this size I loose nothing and gain a lot as it is also a lot of fun to play on in very light wind non planing days with a small sail just for practise. I weigh a little more than you at 86kg.

Ken21 25th September 2012 03:29 AM

Futura 131
@Remi, thanks for your input! Regarding the fins that come with the Futuras, are they the C3 Venom in G10 material ?

@Phil, I am having the same thoughts as you, using the Futura 131 as a light air board and when the wind picks up, the IS107 is the board of choice. One thing i must say after sailing the IS107 compared to the other brand board of the same category...the IS107 is just amazing in terms of control, and very low swing weight. Great board.

Remi 25th September 2012 04:56 AM

Hi Ken21,

The Futura 2013 come with a Drake Venom G10!

All the best

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