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juan1 7th September 2012 04:18 PM

best isonic size for 7,0 mtrs
so basically what board will you recomend for a 7,0 mtrs center range sail ?
considering a 86 kg sailor
gusty winds,sometimes very strong,suddenly nothing
owning only one slalom board
possible use 6,2 and 7,6
preference upwind
isonic 107 or 110 ? (both 2013)
and what size fins for each of the 3 sails?
what windrange will be covered?
thanks for your help
saludos juan1

kaan-v 7th September 2012 10:25 PM

I think your board is the IS97 , you will be able to cover an range of wind from 16 to maybe 30-35 knots
If you choose the isonic 97 you can us a 36 cm fin for the 7.0 and 7.6 you might use a 38 if there is not enough wind and you can use a 34 for the 6.2.
You should make a decision between the 107 and the 97 i dont think the 110 fit your sail size/weight

i hope this helps

BelSkorpio 8th September 2012 10:24 AM

Yes, the IS97 will be very good, but I'm going to replace my IS101 (former IS97) and IS122 (former IS110/117) by 1 new IS107. It will fit both my sails 6.7 and 7.8 very well.

Sometimes I use my 7.8 on my IS101, but often it is not good enough, especially when the wind is not stable. It works better then on the IS122. I'm 87 kg.
So if I hear you say that the wind is often very gusty and you also want to use your 7.6, I would definitely go for the IS107.


juan1 8th September 2012 08:25 PM

I forget to mention that i own a 97 that i want to replace because on the lulls i simply sink !!the 97 is fantastic when the wind is steady but is not often the case and when it is i go for freewave boards or wave
So im thinking betwen the 107 and 110 .
If i forget the 6,2 mtrs and think only on the 7 and 7,6 you think the 107 or 110 ?thanks for your opinions
Saludos juan1

RAW 8th September 2012 09:10 PM

Hi Juan1,
If I am not mistaken, in a previous thread Remi said that the iSonic 110 will be have a faster top speed and plane easier than the 107. Further he suggested that the 107 only outperforms the 110 in rougher choppier conditions. Looking at the specs both boards have the same sail recommendations and are of similar volume.
Sorry to interrupt more experienced riders comments and recommendations but I thought this might help.

kaan-v 8th September 2012 09:44 PM

i think you should go for the 107. You are medium weight rider with medium sails , the 107 is good upwind and in light wind i even use a 8.6 with it.
The 110 is too big , 75cm width.You could have a very hard time controlling the 110 in high winds.
The 110 is good for the 7.8 and 8.6
The 107 goes with the 7.0 7.8 and the 8.6
Ive tried all three sails for the 107 but for the 110 im just guessing looking at its width

hope this helps

juan1 8th September 2012 10:30 PM

When i think of windy days i feel the 107 is the one to go and when thinking on lulls the 110 perhaps can be better support ?
But yes 75 cm looks very wide and also 228 cm looks short
And did remi said that the 110 will be faster? Being wider┐
Im a bit confused on this
Will the 110 whith 7,0 be very difficult to control?
I forgot to mention that the water state will be easy flat
Saludos juan1

Remi 9th September 2012 02:11 AM

Hi Juan,

In your case 7.0 & 7.8 both 107 and 110 can work very well on top of that you have the option to go to 8.6 who will be a killer sail on 110 like the 7.8 on flat water.

I am 90 kgs and it was my favorite board during one month in Martinique and use it 70% of the time with 7.8, 10% with 7.0 and 20% with 8.6.

For those who try the 117 Wide it's some where the same feeling but smaller and this board some riders like it already in 7.0 ;)

The board is shorter, slimmer, so at the end you have only 110 liters for 75cm wide who help a lot in control but start planning very early. And at 90 kgs I never been so fast in flat water in 7.8 & 8.6.

Taty thinking for next year to take this board as bigger board and Cyril as medium board due to the fact that the 8.6 is the most use sail in PWA.

You can see here the conditions where we was using the 110 :

Hope this help

All the best

juan1 9th September 2012 09:27 AM

Its difficult to choose
I use decide on the litrs some years ago
Then the width appear and now this 110 wide and short is like a small formula to my eyes so im reluctant even to try, i never like the formula feeling
But im wandering if im loosing something good really new
Is like you are reinventing the slalom boards and is difficult to follow
Thanks for your help
I will try to see this board life to make an idea..
Saludos juan1

Maximus 9th September 2012 10:43 AM

I97 is a perfect match with 7m, very good with 6.2, OK with 7.6/8, may not get much advantage over 7m. Fins 37-34 for all.
I107 perfect with 7.8, very good with 7m, wouldn't bother with 6.2. Fins 39-37 for all.

Hope this helps.

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