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cholo 26th September 2012 10:20 PM

iSonic 110 vs iSonic 122
Hi Remi,
I am quite attracted to the 110 as replacement to my 122 2009.
I guess it will be an improvement in all aspects, except maybe upwind angle.
Is that right?

Remi 27th September 2012 04:26 PM

Hi Cholo,

Yes it will be the perfect board to replace your current one and you will nothing up wind too but increase in all aspect. Recommend you the Drake Slalom DW 42 Ready to Race to have en excellent glide.

All the best

cholo 4th October 2012 09:51 PM

Hi Remi, thanks for the answer.

two more questions

compared to the the 122, does the 110 need a smaller fin than because it "flies" easier above the water?
(I now use a 46cm fin on the 122 with 8.6 cambered sail)

the high wind limit of the 110 is more or less compared to 122?

Remi 5th October 2012 06:59 PM

Hi Cholo,

You can use 46 on your current board due to the fact the tail is very wide, this board is totally a different concept and the tail and particularly the wet surface it's way smaller so the best fin on it is a 42 for 7.8 and 8.6. By the way the best fin on the 122 was the 44.
But result is that this board cover completely the wind range of the old 122.

Hope this help

All the best

cholo 7th October 2012 10:07 PM

for figure 8 slalom in marginal conditions I need the 46 on the 122, nothing less...
That's why I fear that the narrower tail of the 110 would lack upwind angle in marginal conditions.
You don't have to tell me no secret about the new 110 shape ;)
but just prove me that that it's not true.

Remi 11th October 2012 03:18 AM

Hi Cholo,

The best way try it and you will see ;)

All the best

Chris Pressler 12th November 2012 09:54 PM

What´s your weight Cholo? I was extremely impressed tetsing the 110 at Alacati, Turkey in September. The board started to plan really early, felt still ok with a 9,2 and replaces the 122 very well out of my personal view. Remi is totally right! The big plus on the 110 is that you have an extended windrange compared to the 122.

All the best,


kaan-v 13th November 2012 09:21 PM

I also have a few questions about the new 110,
Is the board easy to control over at +20 knots of wind ? maybe with a 7.8 and 42 cm fin ?
Can you compare the acceleration and top speed to the 107?
How is gybing with that much width , does it act like a big board(117w,127,137) or like a medium-small board? The reason why i am asking this is because the 110 has a high width/tailwidth ratio like other big boards.

Remi 15th November 2012 12:19 AM

Hi Kann-v

For Alcati the 110 will be the choice over the 107 in 20+ knots at your weight, it's in very choppy conditions that the 107 is better due to the fact the board is narrow.
The style of the jibe is more like the 117 or 117 Wide 2012 but with less physical demand because more narrow and the out line also is more straight.

Hope this help

All the best

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