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andalsur 28th September 2012 05:41 PM

3 isonic quiver

iwould like to know best 3 isonic quiver for 85 kgs rider in nationals downwind slaloms,

Sails 5,6 to 9,2. or 9,5. also i have to choose biggest sails between 9'6 loft or 9'2.

doubts about 117 wide or 127. Also 110 vs 107 i think we sails almost one sail smaller in similar conditions than pwa racers...
could also tell us wich is the best sails for each isonic size..
zAnd what about 4 isonic quiver....

this year i see more 80 -881 width boards and also more 9,2 versus 9't5 sails. Would it better for expirience riders around 85 kgs but not as heavy and experts as pwa riders.


Remi 28th September 2012 07:30 PM

Hi Andalsur,

For 85 kgs rider I will recommend like this for 2013 iSonic :

87 : 5.6/6.2/7.0
107 : 7.0/7.8/8.6
117 : 7.8/8.6/9.2

Hope this help

All the best

van 22nd October 2012 09:53 AM

Hi Remi.

I'm 68-69kg and I am thinking about this 3 board quiver. What do you think? Please note that my max sail is a 7.8.

87 : 5.0/5.6/6.2
97 : 5.6/6.2/7.0
110 : 6.2/7.0/7.8

Do you think the 110 is a good fit which could be used from say 10 to 21 knots or do you think that I will get bounced around a lot in my weight in heavy chop and that the 107 is a better fit?

Just to give you an idea I have been sailing for 25 yrs now and predominantly I am a Slalom sailor, although I do the occasional wave sailing when conditions are right and as you well know Slalom sailors like some more board under their feet.

Awaiting your response.


kaan-v 22nd October 2012 05:44 PM

Hi andalsur i think these will be the best for you , for your weight

isonic 87 5.6/6.2/7.0

isonic 97 7.0/7.8 and even a 8.6 on flat water , ive seen a few good riders use this combination , its very fast at flat water

isonic 117 8.6/9.2 or 9.6 i think you should go for the 9.6 its better to be a littale overpowered than risking to be underpowered


Remi 23rd October 2012 12:44 AM

Hi Van

Your best 3 boards for you with the sails you have are 80, 97 & 110
80 : 5.0, 5.6 & 6.2
97 : 6.2 & 7.0
110 : 7.0 & 7.8

All the best

van 23rd October 2012 08:39 AM

Hi Remi

Many thanks for your quick reply. Out of curiosity can you tell us mear mortals what Bjorn Dunkerbecks 3 board quiver/sails looks like along with his weight of course and also give us some idea with wind speed next to the sails he uses so we can some idea of how powerfull guys like him are.

Remi 24th October 2012 01:00 AM

Hi Van,

Bjorn (103kgs) are really far from average slalom guys, have look to his quiver :


All the best

BelSkorpio 24th October 2012 10:07 AM


And I was worrying if the IS107 would be able to cope with my 8.8 at 87kg.
While Bjorn with his 103kg uses 8.6 all the time on his IS107.
Most probably of course in conditions that I'm already on MUCH smaller equipment.

Ridiculous. :)

kaan-v 24th October 2012 02:01 PM

Hi Remi

In the 2011 season Bjoern was using the 90 liter Isonic as his small board and the Isonic 90 is the recommended small board for heavy riders like Bjoern.
Why did he switch to the 87 liter isonic in the last season?
Is the 87 faster?
Did he want the 87 for fuerteventura because the 87 is thinner?
What will his small board be this season?

thank you Remi , i have actually watched you testing in alacati a month ago.

Remi 24th October 2012 02:41 PM

Hi Kaan-v

In 2011 he use the 90 but it's a mistake, this board was design to be medium board for light racers and not hi wind for heavy guys.
Reason why he go back to 87 this year that finally he didn't use, not enough wind for him ;)
Next year the 90 change completely and is design for Bjorn in strong winds, right now is testing it vs 87 to make his choice.

All the best

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