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Unregistered 18th October 2012 06:56 AM

What 80L waveboard?
Hi Starboard and forum members,
I (82Kg@180cm) do want to replace my Evo 80 and EvilTwin 74 with one wave board.
Sail size should be from 5 down to 3.7. My biggest wave board is a RRD CultWave Quad with 92L.
My waverinding skills are not the absolut best but I can put together some front and backside turns.
Windsurf spots are in Japan, with side shore/side-onshore. Wave around 0.5 to 2.5m. As a regular slalom windsurfer I do prefer a direct ride.

Now looking at the options from Starboard, I do like the KodeWave 82L and 77L. But also the other lines in the wave range do offer similar volumes. What would be your recomendation for the above given range?


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