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Unregistered 21st October 2012 02:20 PM

Futura 141 or Ultrasonic
I need a little help in deciding which large board to get for early planing with 8.5 and 9.5 meter Ezzy Freeride sails. I am trying to decide between a Futura 141 and an Ultrasonic. Both would be in the top (most expensive) construction.

I weigh 154 to 160 pounds (about 72 to 75 kilograms) depending the number of bowls of ice cream I eat. I am 5 feet, 8 inches tall (173 cms). I have sailed for over 15 years and am a fairly good sailor, though not great. Still working on planing jibes, though occasionally I make one. I can water start fine, sail upwind with no problem, achieve reasonably competitive speeds, etc. In other words, I am an okay but more or less average experienced sailor.

My sailing is mostly on inland lakes about a mile or so across with chop in 8.5 and 9.5 conditions from 0 inches to 8 inches (up to 20 cms). This past season I sailed the 9.5 nine times and the 8.5 twenty three times. I used a heavy 150 liter freeride board. It planes early, not because it is an early planing design but because it carries a large sail. But I want something that planes even earlier and stays planing longer.

I have other boards for my sails of 7.5 meters and down. I sail about 80 times a season. Most of my sailing is on smaller gear. But I have big gear to maximize time on the water and fun.

My questions are as follows. First, is the Ultrasonic overkill for my size and my sail sizes—that is, is it too large for my weight and my sails of 8.5 and 9.5M? My concern is that it will carry 12 meter sails and that 8.5 and 9.5 are somewhat close to the bottom of its range. Also, people have told me that going larger and larger in board size does not result in even earlier planing for light weights. In fact, some have told me that going larger actually decreases early planing because it takes more energy to move a large thing than to move a small thing. So please enlighten me if you can.

Second, would the Ultrasonic plane significantly earlier than the Futura 141 given the fact that I am a light weight and given the facts that I sail more 8.5 than 9.5 and that my largest sail is only 9.5M? If your answer is yes, how much difference in early planing would there be?

Third, would the Futura, being smaller, be easier to jibe and attain good speeds on?

Of course I appreciate any other insights you can give on the differences between these boards for someone of my weight and ability with sails of 8.5 and 9.5.

Unregistered 21st October 2012 08:59 PM

for a fellow of your size/weight - why not Futura 131 ??
the US is expensive :-(
and really race oriented + big sails

Phill104 21st October 2012 09:01 PM

In my opinion the Futura is te way to go. It is a truly stunning board and I am 100% sure you would not be disappointed with your choice. I am 85kg and use my 131 with up to a 9m also on a lake and never have I felt like I am under gunned. When up with those on formula or boards similar to the ultrasonic while they get going earlier ( they usually have a meter or more sail than I) you find that once running you are faster as often pass them. The other advantage they have over the Futura is the angles they are capable of pointing with ease but unless you are racing them at those angles in ultralight wind you should be well up with them. If the wind fills in and you are on a slalom course you should trounce the ultrasonic on a Futura. It really is a brilliant board.

Pop onto the forum and ask jwlbrace about his ultrasonic compared to the board he is now using with the same sails. He used the ultrasonic for a long time but sold it as he was having much more fun on his freerace.

Unregistered 22nd October 2012 01:49 PM

Original poster
Would I lose much in early planing with a 9.5 if I did that?

Phill104 22nd October 2012 07:42 PM

No. I posted a nice long reply but for some reason the forum decided it would need moderation. I would go for the Futura. I've tried both and sail similar conditions. I weigh a little ( well, quite a bit actually at 86kg)more than you but find my 131 about perfect for my 9m on the lake. I know a coupe f people who have had the ultra or similar and switched to the astonishing futuras they are simply superb. You will have a huge amount of fun on be and will loose almost nothing but gain a shed load of speed and smiles.

Remi 23rd October 2012 02:10 AM

Hi Unregistered

It's depend what you want at the end, if its performances is the UltraSonic for sure, if you want sensation is the Futura.
2013 US 147 will plane earlier what ever you have 8.5 or 9.5 vs Futura but also the US is a bit more racing than Futura.

Just to give you a scale of performance :
Best sail on board to get the best from it for ligth wind performances :
131 : 8.5
141 : 9.2
147 : 9.5
Formula is the best for light wind performances but hard to sail for somebody who want get ligth wind performances with out racing, it's exactly why we create the US 147.

Ultimate performances the US 147 but less easy to jibe than the Futura 141 just because the board is wider, you have to push a bit more.

Hope this help

All the best

Unregistered 23rd October 2012 09:35 AM

OP said,"But I want something that planes even earlier and stays planing longer. "

okay, the 131 is ideal for 8.5, but will it plane earlier ? guess non
will the US 147 do so - probably !!!

Remi 23rd October 2012 10:09 AM

Hi Unregistered

I say what ever your are on 8.5 or 9.5 the 2013 UltraSonic 147 will plane earlier.

All the best

Roger 23rd October 2012 05:43 PM

I totally agree with Remi,
I have the 2012 UltraSonic.
As Remi suggests, it's wider than the Futura 141, so therefore it will plane in less wind and stay planing
in less wind.
If you get the US147, and a 9.0-9.5 rig, you will plane earlier (less wind needed) than anything but a full race formula board (also wider) but to get the earliest planing on the formula board you need even larger sails.
The US147 will plane earlier than the Futura 141 (narrower) on equal sail sizes.
With the US 147 you get earlier planing and good speed even in the lightest winds (windspeed in which you will still be sub-planing/slogging on the Futura 141.
The Futura 141 may have a little top speed advantage if you have enough wind, but you will be planing nicely on the US 147 in a knot or 2 less with the same sail size.
As Remi also suggests, the US 147 is a little more difficult to jibe (due to it's greater width) but you can
quickly adjust your technique so it jibes just as nicely as the Futura 141, just takes a little bit different

BelSkorpio 23rd October 2012 09:32 PM

As a big US147 fan, I still would like to add something.
First of all, I'm not in your weight category (87kg) nor do I have experience with the Futura, but because you write that you often sail on inland lakes, I would strongly suggest he US147.
Where I surf on lakes, I always experience a lot of lulls, especially in ultra light conditions. This means that I often have to choose some downwind angles to keep on planing through lulls and regain some height when I'm on parts of the lake with better wind. A wider board with a larger fin will always help you point better and easily bring you back to your starting point, i.e. in planing mode.

With your weight and your 9.5, you will probably plane earlier than me with my 10.9.

Oh and don't underestimate the speed of the US147. It's really fast and it feels like a feather under your feet. Probably you've already checked the weight of the US147 and the Fu141. It's the same. :)

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