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basti 1st November 2012 05:54 PM

recomended board en the 2013 range for wave takas
Hi Guys,

I was wondering which model of the 2013 wave line between the Quad, Nuevo and Kode is more recomended for learning wave takas, mainly carving wave takas on side and side-off wind. I have the 2011 quad 77 and 92 and im trying to learn them on the 77 board with smaller fins 13cm and 8cm but this board even thought I love it for waveriding it does have the straps a little far back compared to some other boards and maybe that doesnt help to put the weight as forward as needed for that particuar maneuver. I was wondering if the learning curve for that move would be better with one of the new 2013 Quads or any of the other 2013 models.. or maybe I can stick with the quad 77 2011 and keep trying..


basti 16th November 2012 02:25 PM

Anyone on this?? maybe Scott... you designed the quad 2011.. any advise on which differences you noticed or heard from other teamriders regarding this move in side-off winds..? I sail in Peru so most of the time I get light side of wind for waveriding.
thanks again

Roger 16th November 2012 03:20 PM

You may get a better answer if you explain exactly what a "wave taka" is.
I suspect that a "taka" is a local term, and perhaps the Starboard Wave team
riders do not quite understand what you are asking.
Is a "taka":
An "off the lip" cutback?
A smooth graceful bottom turn on the wave face?
Some sort of move combined with a jump off the face of the wave?

basti 16th November 2012 07:47 PM

Roger, many thanks for your response. A wave taka is actualy a move relatively well known in wavesailing worlwide and not a local term.. it is an upwind 360 rotation after a cutback in a wave. there are a lot of variations of this move but the one i was asking was the carving taka in side off winds, the one in onsore winds mushy waves is a little easier..
I was asking which one of the wave board models in the 2013 range slides with more control going backwards in the wave and enters and rotates easier the move..

take care

Chris Pressler 19th November 2012 07:06 PM

Hi Basti,
guess you are totally right that this move is easier in side to sideon conditions. Perhaps you should play a bit with your mastfoot position, the straps and boomheight. It helps for sure, if you get a comfortable condition when initiating the Taka.Try to get everything a bit forward. The smaller fins for sure help. And pratice a lot of dynamic upwind 360ties without any wave. You will get a lot of control in your sail and in the rotation itself. Then you can continue with slided Flakas a s well.

At which spot sare you sailing in Peru?. Perhaps you should try to pratce the move at a mushy shoulder or at easy spots like Zarate/Paracas.

Good luck and hope it helps,


basti 19th November 2012 10:04 PM

Hi Chris,

Many thanks for your response! its great that you know Peru and Zarate! that is actually the spot I sail the most.. almost once or twice a week if there are wind and waves. and also try to go to Pacasmayo often.
For sure your advice will help me a lot. Im already at the most forward position for the straps and fins and i like to use the boom quite low for waveriding but havent really played much yet with the mastfoot, Generally use it in the middle and like it there for waveriding but will start to move it forward cm by cm to see if it helps with the taka. Generally Im rotating one or two each session but fall always just at the end. Seems Im rotating a little fast and with no much control. Will practice more in flatwater as you say because im not much of a freestyler so that can help with the control backwinded.
Regarding the board, I think I will keep mine for a while and just keep trying more, ive seen that maybe next year starboard will have a board called Black Box that could be interesting to try.. i will wait for that one : )

Take care! and if you come here please let me know to sail together.

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