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Carve 23rd November 2012 07:20 AM

iSonics 2013 and the team
I am enjoying my new iSonic 110. It does everything you said it would do. What a beautiful board!

As a retuned slalom sailor I now find slalom so fun that I will probably look for a smaller board as well. Being a light weigh at 72 kilos it is always interesting to know what other lightweight choose. Could you say something about what Taty has chosen for the next PWA season?

I will use the 110 in winds from around 10 to 20-25 knots and 8.2 and 7.0 sails. If I should ad a board that will overlap just perfect and also work up in +30 knots in flat and choppy waters what will you recommend? I will also like to use the board for setting new best GPS speeds and I could ad one smaller sail to the 7.0 and also like a suggestion to what sail that could be.

Again thanks for making the 110 so good. It will be interesting to see how that kind of shape will influence the 2014 shapes.

SeanAUS120 23rd November 2012 11:25 AM


I would recommend for you the new 87. I am 80kg and for 2013 I'm going to most likely register 87, 97, 110 (or 117; haven't quite tested that out yet) for the PWA next year.

Normally I'd say the 97 is a good gap and nice combo with the 110 but if you are comfortable using the 110 up and above 20 knots, then I think you could skip it and jump straight down on to the 87 which is perfect for 7.0 / 6.3 (or smaller) and being that bit smaller and narrower than the 97 you can get the best GPS speeds out of it. I used the 80 in 2012 in anything above 20 knots; they are suprisingly buoyant and plane early so I wouldn't worry about the big gap between it and the 110.

I ordered my 87 in carbon, but I haven't tried the wood version. If it's mostly choppy where you sail, the wood construction usually is a bit softer under your feet and more comfortable. Remi could suggest on the wood vs carbon a bit more as he would have tried them both :-)

kaan-v 23rd November 2012 03:21 PM

I have a question for sean and remi
whats new in the 2013 90 and how would you compare it to the 2012 90?

Remi 23rd November 2012 10:11 PM

Hi Carve

Taty choice who have try already all the iSonic is only 2 boards for next Pwa season, at 76kgs he choose the 110 & 87 both in Carbon.
For the ultimate performances the Carbon version on all the range is better, yes a bit more stiff for the 87 but not that much but 800g ligther than the wood and this make interesting gap between the 2 version in planning and acceleration and board is not bouncing anymore on the wave but just want to accelerate more each time hit the chops.
Hope this help

All the best

Remi 23rd November 2012 10:18 PM

Hi Kan v

Big change here, the 2012 90 was mostly design as a medium board for medium wind, so bottom and rails was more like the 97 & 107. The 2013 90 is more design for heavy weight in strong winds, so bottom and rails are more like the 87, this not means that this board is not good for medium weight in medium wind, it's just a good answer for the heavy guys hwho want more volume than the 87 in strong winds with a better low end.
You can even put a 7.8 on it but the top spot sails are 7.0 & 6.2
Hope this help
All the best

kaan-v 24th November 2012 07:29 AM

thank you remi

Its good to know that i can use the 7.8 with the 90 because there are some conditions where the 107 is out of control and i need to switch to a smaller board. What cm fin would you advise for the 90 and a 7.8 for me ? im 95 kgs


Carve 24th November 2012 02:27 PM

Thanks Sean and Remi;

It looks like this is a no brainer for me. The iSonic 87 carbon will be my next purchase. What are the top spot sails for this board and how big and small can you go on the limit?

Could you say something on the fins for it as well? I read somewhere that Taty often goes quite big on the fin?

kaan-v 24th November 2012 08:22 PM

At your weight 7.8 and smaller would be good
i would advise fins between 30 - 35 cm depending on which sail you use and on wind , wave conditions

SeanAUS120 30th November 2012 07:46 PM

Will have to get back to you on the sail limit on the 87; I don't live in the windiest place ever so don't get as much chance to use that board! Remi would know better, but I'm thinking the 7.8 would be too big ... 7.0 and 6.3 were really nice on this board... 30cm fin is a little too small for me, 34cm is perfect and could go down to a 32 when it's really nuking.

Remi 30th November 2012 10:29 PM

Hi Carve

It's just depend of your personal limit, me use this 87 with 6.2 until 35 knots in Ca Na Vietnam but Cyril and Ben are going easy to 45, so it's just depend of your level.

I use 34 and 32 depend of the sails and condition and my favourite one and Taty too is the Drake Slalom DW Ready to Race.

The best sails are 5.6/6.2/7.0 for racing.

All the best

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