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rww 4th December 2012 06:07 PM

Drake Ready to RACE
Am considering purchasing a Ready to RACE fin to use in my 2008 iSonic 76 with a NP RS Slalom Mkiv 6.2m. Thinking of 34mm or maybe 32mm? Would appreciate any thoughts.

Maximus 5th December 2012 08:44 AM

Well I used the Select Vmax on Sunday with a new I97, is an awesome fin. I suggest you go and see Dieter and get a couple. :)

Remi 5th December 2012 01:18 PM

Hi Rww

The Drake Slalom DW 32 Reday to Race will be the best one for this board.

Have fun


juan1 6th December 2012 09:04 PM

Hi Remi
Where can i see this fins ? Any web? I cant find, thanks

Remi 8th December 2012 03:27 AM

rww 9th December 2012 08:42 PM

Hi Remi

What are the differences between the Slalom DW and Slalom 8?
Shape? Construction? Characteristics?


Remi 9th December 2012 09:20 PM

Hi Rww

They are all in Wet Lay Up and Slalom 8 is for more performances for slalom 8 courses who need Up Wind performances and of course reach. Tip is flex to get more lift.
Slalom DW for Slalom Down Wind and reach, tip is a bit more rigid to get more stability and top end speed and very nice for jibbing and acceleration out of the jibe

Hope this help

All the best

rww 11th December 2012 06:27 AM

Thanks Remi

Bought a 38cm Slalom 8 for use in 2013 iSonic 107 with NP RS Slalom Mk iv 7.0. Have only used a couple of times in relatively light wind, but am very pleased with it as a great all round fin.

Still thinking about what I'll go with for the 76.

Remi 14th December 2012 04:58 AM

Hi Rww,

Recommend you the 32 Slalom DW to get max confort and control in difficult condition.

All the best

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