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mcross19 7th December 2012 03:20 AM

Reflex 4
Hi team, I have been told that the delivery of my Reflex 4 10.7 is only a short time away and have just seen that Severne have updated the specifications of this sail on their website. To my horror I have seen that boom length is 266 (longer than last year) and recomended mast is 550, no compatible mast?

I only have a 260 enigma boom and 530 enigma mast so it looks like I will have to buy a longer boom which isn't the end of the world but was hoping to use my old one to keep expense down.

Does anyone know if I could get away with using the 530 for now at least, I know the IMCS is 32 or would it really affect performance?

Last resort is to see is someone wants to swap a reflex 4 for a reflex 3?????

Krister 7th December 2012 02:21 PM

The Reflex 3 is/was also rigged on a 550 mast, so I don't think it has changed much.

mcross19 8th December 2012 01:42 AM

Krister you are correct but the 530 was offered as a compatible mast but not with the 4!

Krister 8th December 2012 03:03 AM

You can always test sails on different mast to get a softer or stiffer sail. The Reflex III 10.7 was particularly stiff on a 550 mast, don't know if that has change or not for next year.

Maximus 8th December 2012 06:46 AM

It's only 32 extension, I run my R2 7m on 34 extension. I wouldn't worry about it, it will be fine.

mcross19 9th December 2012 03:31 AM

Thanks guys but I wasn't really worried about using an extension on a biggish setting more worried about affecting the performance of the sail but using a softer mast than recommended after all I have bought it for early planning.

mcross19 9th December 2012 03:32 AM

Interesting to get a response from the team who have used this sail, Remi, Sean, anyone???

Remi 9th December 2012 09:44 AM

Hi All,

Correct that the new Reflex IV 10.7 can use the 530 + Extender but the favourite is the 550.

All the best

Krister 18th May 2013 10:03 PM

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I have now tried the Reflex IV 10.7 with a 530 red-line mast (using a regular base extension) and I think it works quite well, at least in the light winds that we had. My weight is around 70kg and the low end is more important to me than the high end, so a softer mast, and sail, works better. As soon as the wind picks up (above about 14 knots) I'm much more competitive on the 9.6 anyway.

I love the chamber rotation on these sails, a slight breeze is all it takes, no kicking anymore...

/Krister (SWE-32)

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