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steve_tommo 5th January 2013 05:49 PM

iSonic 107 from iSonic125?
I have had the IS125 for about 3 years and love it! However I am trying to improve my speed on the lake where I sail mainly in gusty conditions from 15-30 mph. Biggest sail size on the 125 is a 7.6 X15 three cam which is my most used sail. My 2s speeds are typically 29-31kts on the 125.
So I am thinking of changing down to something like the 107 which would eventually be a replacement for the 125. What I am slightly concerned about is the ability of the 107 to perform as well in the gusty (lulls) conditions at the lake. I am around 85kg and don't want to go too low in volume. Smallest board I use is a Kode103 typically with a 5.5.
I think the 107 would also be able to handle higher wind speeds with perhaps a smallest sail size of 6.5?
Any advice appreciated.

mark h 5th January 2013 06:51 PM

Hi, not the Team, but easy answer:)

If you light <85kg, then the iS107 will be faster for sure. If your medium 85-95kg then the iS110 or if your 95kg> take the iS117.

All three boards have similar OFO tails and all will hit 35k. The iSonics have moved on a lot since your iS125, so you will probably gain a couple of knots straight out of the box. Also worth investing in a fast fin :)

steve_tommo 6th January 2013 11:22 AM

Thanks Mark for your reply. I guess at 85kg I am right on the dividing line regarding choice of 107 or 110. I think I will probably go with the 107. I have a couple of Select fins:- Elite S10 XL Slam 35 and an Elite S11 Race 45. Would you recommend something in the middle for the IS107 and 7.6m?

mark h 6th January 2013 08:10 PM

I guess a Select 39cm will fill the gap nicely:)

Phill104 8th January 2013 06:09 PM

I would say the 107 and 110 are different beasts. If it is top speed you want then 107 for sure but for big sails and early planing or as a 1 board to do it all solution the 110.

I am 86kg and often sail my 107 on a lake with sails from 6.4 to 9m though in 6.4 weather I tend to use my iS87. I really enjoy the 107' superb toy.

As for the Kode it should be fine in similar high winds but is a very different ride as I am sure you know. It has great control especially in heavy chop and is great fun for jumping and riding the chop so to speak. The iS is at its best driven fast off the wind. Both have their place in your 30mph winds on the lake but I switch depending on my mood for the day and also the wind direction and conditions. If it is very choppy the FSW, if it is a flatter S or SW then the iS gets an outing.

mcross19 8th January 2013 07:30 PM

According to a previous post by Remi the 110 is in fact quicker due to reduced planning surface when conditions are not so choppy.

Phill104 9th January 2013 01:51 PM


Originally Posted by Remi (Post 58152)
Hi Grant,

In this case I recommend the 117 if you want to use the 9.5 and keep your 107. I use and PWA racers use with a lot of success the Reflex 9.2 like Steve Allen. You can use on this 117 7.8, 8.6 & 9.5.
If you don't plan to use the 9.5 then 110 will be enough but very close to 107, 107 will be better in very choppy condition with 7.8 and 110 better in flat water to moderate chop due to the different width and with 8.6 the 110 will be better all the time.

Hope this help

All the best

I think it all depends on conditions. The lake where I sail gets very choppy in 7.8 weather in some directions and flatter in others. The prevailing direction it is very choppy and being a lake the chop is very close so the 107 seems to work better. Most lakes seem to have the same.

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