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Flo 9th April 2007 06:58 PM

hi i'm now 16 years old
i'm from austria and me and my friends from podersdorf at lake neusiedler want to start freestyling
so what would be the best to start with?
i really want to get better and better...and i hope i can see some of you guys at surf worldcup in podersdorf this year.

i just tried to do heli tack for about 3 hours with very light wind...i was very surprised that i could make it about 5 times :)

so what could be the next for me???

bye flo

honk 19th September 2007 08:31 PM

how about this flo
Maybe you should try a jibe I think it is ok

Madis 22nd September 2007 02:36 PM

yeah first try jibing, but when u START freestyling dont choose the weather, train with every condition, with light wind upwind 360(in straps),gecko,helitack(in straps)duck tacks, and when the wind is blownig, practice duck jibe's,360 and if you can do those i suggest u start doing new school tricks

-Lampi- 18th October 2007 12:44 AM

Or .. you can skip the old school stuff(carving 360s and gybes) and go straight to new school, starting with the vulcan. For sure the light wind freestyle is irreplaceable because you learn a lot of the skills that you need in freestyle by practising in low wind.

windsurfingtheworld 3rd November 2007 01:24 AM


I also just started freestyle and I weant to an ABK-Windsurfing camp ( in bonaire. They had some very good instructures and I advise you to maybe take a camp somewhere first, to see, what you are up to in freestyle and to get an idea of your first moves. Or, you could, just teach yourself. But i find that camps are very very usefull. In these camps, you can also measure your skill level with pro surfers, which by me, really helped because i could see that the thing I am trying to do, is acctully possible. lol. :)



rafael 3rd November 2007 01:25 AM

and than try jumping and if you can jump your hole fin out start a air jibe
and if air jibe goes wel than do a spock by putting your sail in the wind thats the first step

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