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Cuesta 13th February 2013 03:36 PM

Quad fin settings
Hi there,
I have two quads, the 77 and 87 from 15 months ago. They are the very best boards that I ever had. I am 1,73 tall and 65 kg.
In order to improve my skills, please, I would like to know what is the better settings of the fins, depending or of the wind direction, and of the wave heigh.
Always I use the side shore setting, and from 8 to 14 m/m from the front for the rear fins.
If the wave heigh increase, is better to shorter de distance or opposite increasing that one?
With side shore, on shore, or offshore, what is the best position, more or less distance?
I will appreciate your answer.
Thanks in advance

scott mckercher 14th March 2013 02:22 AM

I reckon you're on the money there at 8 from the front of the box there.
Personally I wouldn't go further back for larger waves, but when it's gets smaller you might like to come down to 5 from the from of the front of box to get the tail releasing and a little looser.
The small difference does make a difference

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