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emil 17th February 2013 01:45 PM

tips and setting 147
just got an isonic 147. A few rides but very light wind to tell my impression.
footstraps all the way back and out for back and forward footstraps.
Mast position the one recommended. Using a 9.5m racing sail.
Fin: the 58cm coming with the board
a) I feel the board is pointing up to the wind and need too much pressure to sail side or down wind. Moving it back i think should help but how far back I can go in your opinion or any other tips?.
b) any good advice to help to make the board planing easier in marginal wind?
what is amazing is that when starts planing it never stops, great.

Thanks for the advice

joe_windsurfer 17th February 2013 05:52 PM

you mean UltraSonic ?

for me on a wide board - head downwind to plane earlier
some people pump, i only try three or four - no more
some people like Roger suggested i move the sail back
now my 10-oh is in the middle and 8.x all the way back !!

good luck and enjoy

i am so happy FreeFormula boards of 90+ cm width are coming back !!!
Excocet RS-7, Fanatic Falcon 152, and BIG FreeMoves too :)

BelSkorpio 18th February 2013 06:36 PM

Hi Emil,

I also put my footstraps extreme to the back and out.
Mastfoot rather far to the back. Never experienced excessive pointing nor uncomfortable reaching nor uneasy downwind sailing. It all goes very smoothly.

With my 87kg, to make the planing even earlier in very marginal conditions, I use a 10.9 sail in combination with a Deb R12 64 fin. Especially the R12 works very well for me. I think because it's very soft.

emil 21st February 2013 12:11 PM

thanks for the suggestions. (yes is the UltraSonic 2013)
For the mast, how many cm far back from the recommended position are you using?
Probably is even the more than a meter difference in the sail size that make you planing earlier. For me it's only 9.5m.
What about the boom high, any suggestion?
On the board is written 2-4 cm more than normal

Ken 21st February 2013 08:48 PM


If you have never been on a "wide" board, it's pretty common to feel like the board always wants to point high. It just takes some time to get the feel of the board and learn how to turn it off the wind once planing.

Hang a little more weight in the harness for more mast foot pressure, which may help reduce the tendency to point high.

BelSkorpio 22nd February 2013 10:04 AM

I've never measured how far I put my mastfoot. Next time (could take a while still) I can check.

Boom height, definitely 2-4 cm higher c/w a board that does not have the deep deck concave.

In general, to counterwork excessive pointing, you want to lower your boom, move the harnas lines to the back, less outhaul, etc .. All the things to get more forward pressure in the rig.

emil 4th March 2013 12:49 AM

After a few ride I feel a lot better on the 147. The only thing I don't really like is the delivered fin.
Has anyone tried a different fin and what is the result?
What is the right size for my 9.5 sail, for overall conditions?


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