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gre26 26th February 2013 06:33 PM

Ridiculous customer care from Starboard
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I am sorry, but you have been warned. It's now been 8 months since our first contact regarding the claim for the cost of my board's repair and after having collected ALL the papers and photos you requested me, you still refuse to even give an answer!!!
I am the owner of a Starboard phantom 380, bought in 08.2011. In 06.2012 the bottom of the board got ripped off by the slot flusher, as the weakest point was the hideous carbon construction. The board got repaired and Starboard still refuses to pay the CHF 300 that it cost me. In fact, they don't even reply their own mails!!!! In my last mail I told you that the next you would hear from me would be via your forum.
I am attaching photos of the board and the receipt.
Starboard, I hate doing this but I really think it's the only way that SOMEONE might finally be interested in their customers

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