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João Bernardo Leitão 12th March 2013 12:10 PM

Warranty claim - iSonic Carbon 2011

I have bought a new Isonic 117 wide 2011 in carbon construction in Portugal Oficial starboard shop, Windsurfpoint.
After some days on the water the board started to crack and it has several crack on the bottom and top of the board.
The board did not have any accident, the cracks came just sailing.
I took the board to the shop to claim the warranty but it has been nearly a year from that and still no answer!!!
The official Portugal starboard shop tell me that starboard is not responding to the warranty claim!!!
Is this possible??? What is going on with starboard?? You sell faulty boards and then don’t answer warranty claims??
This is very bad for your reputation!!!!
You take 2000€ for a board that cracks after few times on the water and then you stay quiet and in silence when problems happen???
What is this???
Can anyone from starboard in this forum help me get an answer or reply??

Thanks in advance!!!
João Leitão

Jean-Marc 12th March 2013 12:59 PM

Dear Joao,

Sorry to hear about your problems with your board.

I would strongly advise you to fill in the warranty express form and send it ASAP :

Please specify the date of purchase and the date when you returned your board to the shop for inspection of dammage. Specify the serial number of your board and the name and adress of your shop.

Hope this helps you to find a quick resolution to your claim.

Cheers !


João Bernardo Leitão 15th April 2013 11:00 AM

Warranty claim - iSonic Carbon 2011 - Send "warranty express form"
Dear Jean-Marc

Today I send the "warranty express form" according your instructions.

I hope the Starboard solve quickly the issue of warranty with the Dealer - Windsurf Point, Lda.

João Leitão

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