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Unregistered 20th March 2013 10:27 AM

Medium Wind iSonic - 84 Kg
Hi all!

I am finally changing my boards to iSonics, but would like your opinion on the following:

In the typical 6:3 slalom rule, for an 84 kg sailor, do you think the 2012 iSonic 107 is a good choice as the middle board? The idea would be to use it mostly with a 7.8 Reflex, but also with a 7.0 Reflex.
I am afraid it might be a bit too small for my weight, but not sure yet if this might be a problem.

What about the new iSonic 110? Maybe too large for middle board?

Thanks a lot for your help,
Joćo Barrier

Maximus 21st March 2013 03:48 AM

I would be tempted at the 110/97 combo. The 97 absolutely rocks with a 7m.

OZI 23rd March 2013 06:16 AM

Always a tough question with no right or wrong answer. Cannot comment on the 97 or 110 but I am sure they are awesome boards. My weight is 83kg. I am using carbon Isonic 90 with R4 5.6/6.2, Isonic 107 with R4 7.0/7.8 and Isonic 117 with R4 7.8/86 and these boards feel fantastic. Super happy with this combo, just love it.

Vando 23rd March 2013 06:49 AM

No easy answer, The 7.8 is perfect with the 107 and the 7 with the 97.
Im 85kg. 7.8 stills works well on he 97 too. whats your light wind board

kapten k 25th March 2013 09:02 PM

My view, I have the 127/97 and 9,3/7,6/6,7 sails I“m 190cm and 85kg i can go from overpowered 127+9,3 to totally powered 97+7,6 or if it drops i can put the 7.6 on the 127 and still go almost fast as friends on 107+8.0 , saying that, the 107 is probably better than 97 on 7,6

The 127 is alot stiffer to gybe, I had a exocet RS 5 115l 72cm wide that was amazing to gybe, but not as fast as the isonics. I really want to try the 110 ! i Can imagine Its faster than the 107 in lighter winds and probably really nice to gybe,
127/110/97 would be a nice combo, but maybe to much to choose from and you would probably sail the 110 the most!

The conditions you sail in are the most important, If you have many windy days with rough sea i would go 127/107/90(87) otherwise 127/110/97

NWF 26th March 2013 06:45 AM

It's a tuff one to call.... Went through the same thought process myself and ended up with 127 with 107 due to the rougher water conditions at my local patch have no regrets... Heard so many positive comments on the 110 mind ya.... But at the end of the day 107 has had a vast amount of water time over the years in its development and logic detects being 68 wide must be smoother through the rough stuff than 75 wide just my own thoughts.

Unregistered 26th March 2013 05:51 PM

Hi all.

Thanks for all the answers.
I decided to go for the 107, much because I found a used 2012 board, much cheaper than buying a new one.

Now I have to decide if I go for the 117 or for the 127 as the light wind board. if I go for the 117, I will have 8.6 R2 as the larger sail. If I go for the 127, will also go for the 9.6 R2.

With a weight of 84 kgs, what would be the best combination, 127 / 107 or 117 / 107? Any opinions?
For a smaller board, I have an older Falcon I will keep for now.

Thanks all!

NWF 26th March 2013 06:27 PM

Another good question, last year I had IS117W & IS 107 with a largest sail of 8.5...... However, this year I wanted a little more bottom end when using my R4 OD 8.6 as my largest sail..... So I have a decided upon 2013 IS127 & IS107..... Even though I loved my previous 117w and yet I haven't missed it and enjoyed the better low end...

Macka Packa 27th March 2013 11:56 AM

I'm an intermediate about 80kgs (maybe 83kgs in winter :D) I have a 2011 127L and a 2010 111L which I find a great combo. The guys on new 117s are maybe a little quicker when there is enough wind but I can get out earlier on the 127L. I love being able to feel nicely powered in very light flat conditions when others are floundering! I use the 127 with the last of the Code Red 8.8s and a Reflex 7.8. Occasionally even with a 7m in mega gusty winter conditions when it goes from nothing to 20kts - just make sure the mast base is a little more forward.

The crossover to the 111 (107) is perfect, as soon as the river chop starts getting painful, I can swap down and the middle board has huge range.

I'm looking at NWF's quiver and reckon he's totally on the money. I hardly ever get to sail my smaller slalom gear comfortably but love the bigger stuff. Nice balance you've got going NWF, something for any occasion.

OZI 27th March 2013 07:51 PM

I had the 127 and found it very good. Didn't really notice much bottom end difference between that and the 117 with the 8.6. I just wanted to try something different and got the 117 which I am very happy with, it has great range. If I kept the 127 I would have bought a 9.2 or 9.6 and would have had to buy a new boom, didn't really want to go to that expense. Thought when I bought the 117 the gap was going to be too close to the 107 but its heaps wider and more for the light-medium wind end. If you are happy to buy a 9.2 or 9.6 I would go for the 127 because you will get a bit more out of the bottom end. If you just keep the 8.6 then go the 117. Just my opinion, good luck and good move with the 107.

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