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Unregistered 1st April 2013 06:55 PM

Serenity 2013-2014?
Has the Serenity been discontinued? I have one of the earlier Serenity versions, I'm guessing '06-'07 and I love the board. It's probably my most used board during the year. I would love to upgrade to the newer year models but they're impossible to find. Are there any plans to bring the board back into production?

Jean-Marc 2nd April 2013 09:05 PM

You love your board, so do I and other users as well. Keep your Serenity Mk I, it's for sure a true collector now !

I surmise the Serenity Mk II has been discontinued in 2013 because of internal competition by the WindSup emerging market... As for future plans to reintroduce a Serenity Mk III back into production, I really don't know. It's a shame because the Serenity has nothing to do with a WindSup IMHO.

Cheers !


Nakaniko Unregistered 5th April 2013 10:57 PM

I can understan Starboard as unfortunately windsurf market is not so ready to accept a 460 cm board, clearly seen that the last ones where sold in Germany in courious ways even by the distributor.
But as a proud owner of a Serenity mkII I can say that there is no other board that could give the fantastic sensations of windsurfing IN THE REAL WINDLESS WORLD.
Imho make another even slower but little shorter canoe-shaped board, cal it with another name and especially keep the price low making it like my solid Sportech one, in gliding there is not appreciable difference for a pair of kg less

Jean-Marc 6th April 2013 02:36 PM

I'm quite a bit puzzled that the windsurfing market does not seem to accept a 15 footer Serenity but its no problem for the SUP market to get on with a 14, 15 or even 16 footer long board.

Why making a shorter Serenity ? Something like that : ? Does 30 cm makes a huge difference to you for say a shorter Serenity mk III ? Please explain...

Cheers !


Alex Unregistered 10th April 2013 01:59 AM

Don't make it shorter, that will not improve it. Making it inflatable would make the transportation easy but it will never be as stiff or glide as well as a epoxy/wood model. I've experienced a similar situation with my collapsible and plastic 17 foot kayaks.

Make the Serenity lighter/longer/stiffer/sleeker and faster while keeping the price point down. I know that's the hardest one because it would require lots of carbon to do the previous.

I hope someone high up at Starboard still cares about super light wind days. I have a feeling the guys that sail and design the boards for Starboard live in a very windy place where the Serenity would never get used. I think they don't understand what its like to have an office job and have no wind for over a month now. To have to wait for the occasional front to come through. Getting the last five sessions on the Serenity when it's cranking at 10mph is a total bliss for the mind.

davide 10th April 2013 04:03 AM


Originally Posted by Jean-Marc (Post 59618)
I'm quite a bit puzzled that the windsurfing market does not seem to accept a 15 footer Serenity but its no problem for the SUP market to get on with a 14, 15 or even 16 footer long board.

Why making a shorter Serenity ? Something like that : ? Does 30 cm makes a huge difference to you for say a shorter Serenity mk III ? Please explain...

Well, I don't know about the market but when I looked for a Wind-SUP my size limit was 10'6" to 11'6" for rather obvious transportation issues. I finally got an 11" that I am very happy with. I would never consider a 14-15-16' SUP, not even a 12'.

I am sure my 11" Wind-SUP I way less efficient than a Serenity but it works fine: it takes me around in almost zero wind doing fun displacement sailing and some freestyle. It completely solved my winter and light air needs: 0 to 4 knots SUP, 3-10 Wind-SUP.

Would I get a Serenity-like board if it was, say, 11' long x 31" wide? Yes, especially if it was better upwind, but only if I could SUP it. Something similar but more agile than a K-15, no cockpit, light construction. I am sure it can be done ...

Unregistered 10th April 2013 02:29 PM

Serenity mk3 ?
Living in Hong Kong, I am so frustrated that the much improved Serenity (MK2, with added volume and tail fin) was discontinued. Impossible to find. To my knowledge, there is only one Serenity MK1, heavily used, located in Stanley Main Beach, HK Island and not for sale. Please StarBoard...
Warm regards to all.

Nakaniko Unregistered 10th April 2013 03:18 PM

Reading some of the last posts make me so happy for that crazy decision I've made two years (and half) ago to buy that incredible board, my Serenity Sportech MKII, even taking my car in an autumn day and going straight from Venice to Munich and then back to personally collect my dreamy board (not having much faith in carriers to be able to safely transport a 460 cm board).
I was wrongly supposing that many riders were thinking badly at the dimensions of my baby, I see that there is still a real need of that incredible board. And yes I see around even some 17 foot sups, so the lenght seems not to be the main problem.
Pheraphs trying to make it slighly wider and/or less round hull, to match the sup race-standars.. It will loose for sure some gliding abylity but be more interesting for sup-ers that could also sail on it.
Even if in flat water I've tried to sup my Serenity and it doesn't seems so impossible to row on it
About the long sups, it's always the same story, sup now is super-trendy and so what seemed to be boring with windsurf is a must-go with sups. Not to say that the standing rowing over a sup is a way less efficient way of roving over a boat-board than sitting and with a double paddle like on a kayak, or reversed with back to the bow, like on an olympic rowing boad, we well know here in Venice that are since ancnient time standing rowers. But it's the tend of the moment...
Anyway I've seen that when you have a Serenity the need for paddling becomes so rare, because we live really in a world with poor winds, but sea is almost never totally windless, and that marginal breeze is what is needed to enjoy the riding with it...
On the opposite I start seeing that a new problem is increasing about my Serenity. Up to now, when wind was increasing and so I was jumping on a planing board I was feeling safe to leave the Serenity unattended, thinking that nobody would have beeen interested in such a strange long board. Now that it's becoming a collector's item I won't be so quiet living it alone...;-))

Nakaniko Unregistered 10th April 2013 03:31 PM

I can add this. I'm planning to ride my Serenity in some places of the lagoon that can show the most famous locations of Venice in the background of a some photos. This could be, I hope, a formidable advertising for the Serenity and eventually make possible the brand to put it again in production.

Jean-Marc 10th April 2013 04:33 PM


Don't worry, I second you with scheduling the office job and the no wind issues for months...

Nice vids on your blog BTW :
PS : keep your front foot behind the mast foot and on the median line of the board...


The Explorer WindSUP 12'6" x 29" AST Silver (*) is indeed a flat-bottomed hull, not as round-bottomed hull as the Serenity. Even the K-15 is a flat-bottomed hull. So if you want something more stable or more manoeuvrable or more plug & play like Davide's wish list, it's already available.

Great idea to shoot you riding a Serenity in Venice, keep us posted !

Cheers !



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