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SurferJohn 6th April 2013 01:55 PM

Jp, ultrasonic, phantom, viper
Whats the best board for lightwind? - JP super light wind, Ultrasonic, Phantom 295 or Fanatic viper. Can you get upwind without daggerboard? I know theres many techniques, but is it just easier to buy a Phantom or a Viper.



Unregistered 6th April 2013 08:37 PM

what do you consider light wind ??
under 10 knots one might consider Serenity - not for newbies

do you race?
in North America Kona hybrid is doing well in the race scene ie gaining popularity

Formula for the rich and brave racers is always an option

do you need a longer shortboard with some speed ? how about SLW92

are you experienced rider wanting to go fast in 10 to 20 knots - SB US

beginner ?? Viper

lighter weight longboarder Phantom 295
heavier longboarder Phantom 320

NO EASY ANSWER to my understanding !!!

can i get upwind with no daggerboard = YES, but do prefer big sails and fins
can you ?? different question !!

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