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mark h 11th April 2007 07:16 AM

Freesex 96
Any one know if a 2004 Freesex 96 will work in coastal conditions? Some time ago, I rember a SB team rider saying that the older/narrower 2002 freesex 96 was good in coastal and small waves, but I think that advancements/more specific newer models might have lost its ability to do this. I can get one real cheap locally, so any heavy weights using one in coastal conditions with 4.7m to 6.5m winds, let me know what you think.


Guest 11th April 2007 10:40 AM

RE: Fressex
I owned a 2002 96 which was great in every use. The 2004 was the wooden spoon of all starboards in my opinion. DONT touch it. It is simply to wide and very slow. I nealy had to give mine away it was that bad. In saying that I'm a big fan of starboard. The 2004 freesex in the two larger sizes were the protos that slipped through and never should have.:D

mark h 12th April 2007 09:56 PM

RE: Freesex 96
So only the 2004 was bad? How come it worked so well in other years but not in 2004? Will the 2004 Freesex do the coastal water thing?


Guest 15th April 2007 07:35 AM

RE: 2004 freesex
Too wide, so skatie it doesn't like going in a straight line ( i spun out every 10 meters when going for a reach):) . If you look at the years before and after the width was a lot narrower. The newer ones feel faster and don't put heeps of pressure on knees and ankles when things go wrong.The old one was a great throw about freeride slightly modified. Every other year was good. Just avoid the 2004 model. You will regret buying it.

mark h 15th April 2007 10:03 PM

RE: Freesex 96
Thanks for the feedback, maybe I'll give this one a miss this time.

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