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Unregistered 20th April 2013 11:06 PM

wave fin for tuttle box - kode 113
Could someone recommend a smaller wave fin for the tuttle box (e.g. 280) ? - I would like to have a smaller fin size (compared to the drake freeride glide 380 fin, that comes with the kode 113), or is the only option to buy the freeride glide fin in 280 ? thanks andreas

Roger 21st April 2013 01:22 AM

Where are you located?
There are many custom/semi-custom fin manufacturers that have small wave style Tuttle base fins that
will fit your Kode 113.
If in the USA.....check the True Ames Fins website.
Also Makani Fins
If in Europe:
Hope this helps,

Unregistered 21st April 2013 08:27 PM

Thanks, I am from Germany and will contact Lessacher,


Jean-Marc 25th April 2013 01:09 PM

Select does make a crossover or B/J fin which is available with a Tuttle box :

Cheers !


Jean-Marc 25th April 2013 01:19 PM

Possibly F-Hot fins : it looks like they do make a wave fin with a Tuttle box here :

Cheers !


MOP 27th April 2013 06:16 AM

Can anyone give some feedback on kode 113 capability in waves with a smaller fsw fin?

Compared to 103 for light wind wave or stronger wind bump and jump?

Weight 88 kg


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