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Ken 28th April 2013 05:39 PM

Weed Fin for IS 111
For Roger or anyone else that has a recommendation.

I currently use a Tectonics Tomcat 42 on my IS 111, and am very happy with it, but will be using the board in the Hatteras area and need to determine what size weed fin to buy. I mostly use my Maui Sails TR 7.6 on the board, but sometimes an 8.4 or 6.6. The 42 cm fin works fine with all three sails. I rarely race with the 111, just free sailing.

Also, I have a Hyfly Move 105 which currently has a 29 cm Mistral fin, that looks to be about half way between a wave fin and a slalom fin in its design. It too works great with my 6.0 down to my 4.5 sails, but a weed fin is also needed for this board. I use the board mostly for bump and jump sailing. Something around a 25???

Roger, This is Ken from Dallas who also sails formula. I now live in Cary (Raleigh) and will be making trips to the coast. The local guys say a weed fin is needed so you should be the local expert. I don't wait a long time to order one, just something that I can order or buy in a couple of weeks. I know you are big on Lessacher fins, but it appears it takes quite a while to get one. You previously suggested on an old post a 32 or 36 Lessacher duo weed for an IS111. I tend to like fins a little larger than the norm and I weigh 168 lbs, but????

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Roger 28th April 2013 06:09 PM

Let me know when you plan to visit Hatteras and maybe we can hook up and I can lend you a 32 cm Lessacher
Duo to try out.
In the Pamlico Sound, there are weeds, more so in the summer, but the main issue is constantly shifting sand bars.
Weed fins ride up over the sand when you hit one you didn't know was there and you come to a more gradual
halt. So, no over the handlebars and nose damage.
The most popular weed fins here right now are the Makani, and Tangent.
They are pretty good, but not as good as the Lessacher Assymetricals.
I have some Tangent Reaper weed fins you can also try out.
Don't know which Makani Weed fins to suggest as I have not tried them myself.
The shops here are all online, and they have most sizes of their weed fins in stock,
so unless you find a killer deal online, you can purchase your weed fins here.
Hope to see you soon!
P.S. If you wish to contact me direct my address is s**lqu**ik@g** or the same @em**
(Remove asterisks!)
Send me an email and I'll reply with a phone number, or just check with Wind-NC when you get here.
They will have the number.

Ken 8th May 2013 12:56 PM


The emails don't seem to work and I would like to talk to you.


Roger 8th May 2013 01:21 PM

Roger info
sailquik...@...Embarq--mail (one word)
Remove the periods and the hyphens....change dot to a period.
Talk to you soon!
P.S. or call
25277-------48977-------924477 (Remove all the "7"s)!

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