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Unregistered 29th April 2013 05:37 PM

Futura 131 wood _ fin, smaller sail ?
We talked about sails for my futura wood 131 a few weeks ago. I bought P7 ACK 7.8 (3 cam), unifiber carbon boom 170 230, and p7 460 100c mast. I am an intermediate, 86 kg. .
Recently found a smaller sail naish allterrain 6.5 ( more blasting oriented cross sail with good reviews :)) ) which would fit my mast. Still cannot decide whether to buy it or no. What do u think should this fit the board and be the right step down from my bigger sail. And what about finns=? What do u suggest?
Is the stock fin 48 drake venom optimal for 7.8? And which one to get for smaller sail if i buy it. Maybe select progression freeride 42/40....

thanks in advance

COACHG 1st May 2013 03:22 AM

The Naish All Terrain is more of a bump & jump sail. It will work, but not ideal as the Futura is more of a slalom board. The Naish Sprint or its predecessor the Naish Rally would be a better match for the Futura. Even better would be the 2 cam Indy.

42/40 should be a fine match for a 6.5 at your weight. I weigh just under 80 kg and use a 38 cm Tectonics Talon with a 6.6 Sprint on my Futura 133.


Unregistered 1st May 2013 01:30 PM

Hm sadly sprint and indy are not avi atm. What about vandal stitch 6.5 freeride/freerace sail 2010.Its avi in a good condition at a good price. My only doubt is whether is it going to fit my mast p7 460 2012 as far as i know vandals are a bit more stiff top. Also available is severne ncx 6.0 with variotop but dont know if its going to be a bit small for the board.

COACHG 2nd May 2013 06:38 AM

I don't know about the Vandal but the NCX is a great sail. However, I don't think the 6.0 NCX would fit on your 460. What you need is a 6.5 freerace/freeride sail built for a 460 mast. Many 6.5 sails rig on a 430 with a second choice being a 460 so you might have to look for a 7.0.


Unregistered 6th May 2013 04:55 PM

thanks coachg for quick answers,ill try to find one, to fit my mast, maybe ncx 6.5 still is compatibile with 460... or p7 ACx 6.5 but then i will have to get 430....will see..

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