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Frey 28th August 2006 09:03 PM

Waterstart yeehar

Theese days I try to nail the waterstart complete. But i have some troubles when laying under the sail, it feels like the sail pushes me down in the water even though I'm in the real position of the wind. I really find it hard to get the sail over my heard. Have anybody else have experiences like this? Any advice to learn the waterstart?

Thank you!
- by the way, I had a great session to day, windsurfing is soooo fun :D

Frey 1st September 2006 09:32 PM

RE: Waterstart yeehar
Can't anybody help me out? I'd like to practise em in a few days and i would really like some tips - just the basic ones that you use youself.
Thanks in advance...

jaeger 6th September 2006 03:55 PM

RE: Waterstart yeehar
Hey Frey,

Sorry it took a while for a reply but i've been trying to login and it hasn't been working.
No, the only time the sail ever pushes me down is when i'm at the wrong angle or really tired.
Waterstarting is a frustrating one to learn but you will get better and better quite quickly. When you're trying them, point the nose of your board a little bit downwind and just try to get the wind to hold the sail up for you, you then want to put your back foot up on the board between the back and front foot straps. Then try and use the wind in the sail to pull you up but also kicking underwater with your front foot and dragging the board underneath your butt with the other foot.
Just keep trying them everytime you fall in and soon they will be simple for you.

See how you go,


Frey 7th September 2006 07:43 PM

RE: Waterstart yeehar
Thanks for the answet Jaeger, I have been practising them over and over, and I feel much more comfortable now. The thing about the sail that pushes me down might have been because my sail was wrong placed.

Still I have some troubles sometimes to get the sail out of the water when I can't reach the bottum. I think it can be difficult to get the clew out of the water, any advise?

How strong should the wind be when I practise the waterstarts? I tried them in 12-13m/s but there isn't that much wind very often, so in what conditions do you think I'm abel to do them?


jaeger 8th September 2006 04:43 PM

RE: Waterstart yeehar
Hey Frey,

One easy way to get your sail out of the water is to have the sail downwind of the board, then drag it over the tail of the board by the mast or boom and up out of the water.
You should practise them in all wind conditions unless it is just too light.



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