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Unregistered 23rd May 2013 09:25 PM

Help with race sail choice

I am hessitanting between the following brands sails for slalom racing

1. Neilpryde EVO V
2. Severne Reflex 4
3. Mauisails TR9

I would purchase a set of 4 sails, starting with an 9.x, down to a 6.x, to be used with Starboard isonics (117 and 97). Can anyone provide sme feedback on the differences one shold expect? Which one has better low end? Better top end? What are the good sizes in each brand? What sizes would you choose to cover the widest possible range (say from 11-12 knots to 30 knots). Which one is easier to tune and rig? Any other comment you think it is important?


COACHG 24th May 2013 04:14 AM

Are you getting masts as well?


mcross19 24th May 2013 05:17 PM

What about point 7?

Unregistered 24th May 2013 07:06 PM

i am a MauiSails guy
have a TR-4 and TR-6
cannot afford the latest n greatest
i love my sails and people are raving about the TR-9s
my w/s buddy is a Severne fan, but does not use race sails
both MS & Severne are "hard top"
people say if you are an expert the sail is only a very small piece of the puzzle
after that - TOW, tuning {get to know your sails}, train with buddy, etc
in other words - sails at this level are all VERY GOOD !!
some people have personal preferences, based on many factors ...
wish you the best of luck and all the BEST in your slalom race adventures !!!

Krister 24th May 2013 07:45 PM

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I haven't tried the other sails in that list but the Reflex IV sails are very nice. Lots of power and a very smooth camber rotation.

Ken 25th May 2013 01:09 PM

I have 5 Maui TR Sails - 3's 5's 7's. The have made great improvements since the early days (1's & 2's) and are great sails. Easy & fast to rig if you follow the instructions. Get the right masts or you will not get the benefits of the sails. Same for any brand you go for, all are good sails. The Maui Sails SRS race 100 masts seem to be bullet proof. I have had most of mine for 6-8 years and never a break.

Krister 27th May 2013 10:51 AM

The two posts by "Unregistered" above are likely from two different people, as "Unregistered" is the generic name for non-members.

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