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Ricbra 28th August 2006 10:05 PM

iSonic105 technical ride
Hi Ian,

I?ve just bought an iS105 which replaces a Carve111. My other board is a HS133 and I found that C111 and HS 133 have a bigger overlap than I antecipated. So it made a lot more sense getting an iS105. Conditions are flatish, fresh water lake and winds tipycally gusty from 6 to 15 knots, ocasionally 20+. Sails Gaastra Matrix 5.5; GTX 6.5 and Severne OD 8.5. My weight 66Kg.

Now the questions.....Starboard defined smaller iSs as requiring a demanding and technical ride it would be nice if you were more specific about that definition. In other words what should I expect from the iS apart from lots of speed.

Another one ....although I really love my HS133 maybe it is time to move on. As it is my "big" board I was thinking about replacing it by an iS135 or 145.
How would you compare them? Is iS135 also hard to exit jybes with decent speeds which is IMHO the only HS133 fault?

PG 29th August 2006 01:03 PM

RE: iSonic105 technical ride
I think you will find that the iS105 and the HS133 has about 97% overlap at your weight. If your biggest sail is a 8.5 I really don't see a need for any bigger board. On the other hand, if you want a board that complements the iS105 I think you should look at something like the smallest Kombat. or maybe a pro-kids S-Type from last year.

MA_Pete 29th August 2006 08:46 PM

RE: iSonic105 technical ride
With "flatish water - typically gusty 6 to 15 knots" as described above, for the HS133 replacement, I would say go for the iSonic 135 or the iSonic 145 (Former F-Type 138). You could even go for the iSonic 155 if you added a 9.5 or 10.0, and gain alot of early planing.

I have an F-Type 148, use it with 9.5/8.5/7.3.

Jibing is similar to formula boards but much less stiff, but still requires that "wide board" technique. But early planing capabilities are fantastic.

If you did the 145, I bet you could get away with 8.5/6.5 (6.5 when the water is still not too choppy) and get something smaller for when the chop picks up (like the iSonic 105 as you suggest above) for 5.5/6.5.

Or you could go with something like a Kombat if you want better manuevering/jibing, but not one of the smaller ones as PG suggest above, at 5.5/6.5 a 107 or 97.

My middle board is iSonic 125 (lots of overlap with my F-Type 148, I know and I like it that way) and smallest is Carve 122 which I plan to swap for a Kombat 97 in the spring.

Nice of Starboard to give us so many good boards to choose from! :)



Ricbra 29th August 2006 10:05 PM

RE: iSonic105 technical ride
Thanks PG and MA_Pete,

I?d be very happy if I could plane in 9 to 10 knots with iS105 on a 8.5, which I can on my HS133 and could not do on C111.Maybe my technique is not that good I?ll check it out when I put my hands on the iS105.

In fact I was wondering whether iS135 planes earlier than HS133. The target is to gain a knot or two and stretch my quiver range without adding a bigger sail.
I?m not sure if I?ll get it buying iS 145 without a bigger than 8.5 sail hence my question.If chances for that to happen are too little then I?d go for iS133.
What are your sailing conditions and weight?

MA_Pete 29th August 2006 11:53 PM

RE: iSonic105 technical ride

My weight is 72 kg and conditions are flat to light/medium chop in salt water bay.

If you are looking to plane early on an 8.5, iS 105 at 63.5 cm wide will probably not do as well as 77 cm wide HS 133. I would look to iS 115/125 for that. iS 115 would be best if you want it to be good with 6.5 & 8.5, iS 125 if you want earliest planing with 8.5. (Boards mag in UK tested in June 2006 issue, felt iS 115 best range was 6.5-8.5 and iS 125 was 7.0-9.0.) iS 135 would probably be okay too, but would be too big for your 6.5. But it would likely plane earlier than the 125 and for 8.5 only would probably be fine. (See Grant's thread from a few weeks back on the Star Bulletin Board raving about the early planing of his iS 135.)

I have iS 125, it is great with 8.5 and 7.3, haven't got out on it yet on 6.6.

For your smaller board for 5.5/6.5 use, I would say iS 94/101 or Kombat 97/107.

My 2 cents based on my experiences with the Starboard lineup.



o2bnme 1st September 2006 08:30 AM

RE: iSonic105 technical ride
I'm at 65kg and have the iS105. I love this board when the winds are steady and strong. At my weight, I find it is a great board when I don't have to worry about the wind changing directions without warning or experiencing lulls.

I was using my iS105 with a 7.7 and the 34cm fin this past week. What a great combo. The lake had 2 miles of fetch, and it was a bit choppy. But with the sail fully powered up, I found it very easy to control.

Using this combo when the wind wasn't as friendly, I found it very difficult. When this happens, I use my FType 148 with the same sail.

I don't have an 8.5 to use on my iS105. My next larger sail is a 9.8, which is a great one for the FT148.

Ricbra 2nd September 2006 08:17 AM

RE: iSonic105 technical ride
Hi MA_Pete and 02bnme,

Thanks guys!
I intend to use my iS105 with 6.5 and 5.5 sails I suppose it will be fine.
My previous doubt was if iS133 would plane earlier than HS133 both with 8.5 sail. Anyone with that experience?

Ian Fox 2nd September 2006 09:51 AM

RE: iSonic105 technical ride
Hi Ricky,

The iS133 and HS!33 will plane pretty similarr with 8.5m in normal use, there are differences in technique to get the HS planing in marginal c/w iS (in HS you can work more against the rail/concaves in sub planing ,in iS you have to pump more towards pushing the board/effort FORWARD not so much sideways as HS), if the rider is really good with one shape(technique) they may find some advantgae but it is pretty small.

Cheers ~ Ian

Ricbra 4th September 2006 08:48 PM

RE: iSonic105 technical ride

Thanks a lot.
Do you think I would plane a couple of knots earlier on a iS145 compared to iS133 both on 8.5 sail?

Ian Fox 5th September 2006 12:24 PM

RE: iSonic105 technical ride
Hi Ricky,

You mean iS145 vs iS133 (as above) or iS145 vs HS133?

For iS145 vs iS133 the answer is yes, about 2 kts at the critical marginal planing wind/s for these boards.

For iS145 vs HS133 the answer is half yes, about 1-2 kts at the critical marginal planing wind/s for these boards if not super efficent HS technique used.For riders that have really good HS early planing ability, they narrow down the gap a bit.

Remember too, with HS vs iS early planing comparison, you also need to consider the overall board+fin combo : with iS145 it's more big fins (52-56cm), whereas with HS133 it's more often 44-48cm.

Cheers ~ Ian

Cheers ~ Ian

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