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jimgrunning 15th June 2013 02:18 PM

Quad 77 2011 slow planing
I find the Quad 77 2011 a bit slow to plane in 5m conditions although its goes early in really strong winds. I`m 75kg and generally sailing in cross on conditions on West coast of Scotland or Ireland. Recently I tried the onshore set up and I think its definitely an improvement i.e with 13cm in front and 11cm in the back.
My back fins are about 15mm from the front of the box. Can you suggest anything else which might give further improvements in early planing. My straps are forward both on the front and at the back.
Could slightly bigger fins help or would they be a hindrance in other aspects. What about the twin set up would this help in early planing ? Or might it be worth trying the twin fins in a quad set up e.g. 15cm fins in the front or back along with 11cm ( the 2010 model has 15 in the front and 12 in the back but I realise this is not the intention for the 2011 design )?
Apart from the sometimes slow `get up and go` in 5m weather I love the board especially the control it gives in strong conditions.Thanks

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