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jimgrunning 15th June 2013 03:58 PM

Quad 77 2011 slow planing
I find the Quad 77 2011 a bit slow to plane in 5m conditions although its goes early in really strong winds. I`m 75kg and generally sailing in cross on conditions on West coast of Scotland or Ireland. Recently I tried the onshore set up and I think its definitely an improvement i.e with 13cm in front and 11cm in the back.
My back fins are about 15mm from the front of the box. Would you suggest a different position or can you suggest anything else which might give further improvements in early planing? My straps are forward on the front and at the back.
Could slightly bigger fins help or would they be a hindrance in other aspects? What about the twin set up would this help in early planing ? Or might it be worth trying the twin fins in a quad set up e.g. 15cm fins in the front/back along with 11cm ( the 2010 quad has 15 front and 12 back but I realise this is not the intention for the 2011 version)?
Apart from the sometimes slow `get up and go` in 5m weather I love the board especially the control it gives in strong conditions. I would appreciate any help on this. Thanks

scott mckercher 4th July 2013 05:51 AM

hi Jim
You could throw in 14's in the back and it should give yo a little more get uop and go in the lighter stuff.
But it will stiffen up the boar a bit.
But this may not hold you back too much in the cross on stuff.
Twins won't really give much better early planing control IMO.
Just a more slide releasy type feel.
WOuld love to get back to scotland at some point.
The north coast is calling:)

jimgrunning 8th July 2013 10:02 PM

Quad early planing
Hi Scotty,
Thanks for your reply, much appreciated. Last time I was out I tried the onshore set up with the rear fins right at the back of the box. Massive improvement in early planing and getting through onshore mush - what a difference in the board, it flies out and keeps speed on landing the hops/jumps.

Next time if its really marginal I will try your idea of throwing in bigger fins as well ( I will use the 15s which came with the board).

Yes would be good to see you back in bonnie Scotland. Have you been back since TIree 2007? , will be heading up there at the end of the month. Tiree is a regular haunt but would be quite keen to try Lewis myself sometime having just read this months JC article in windsurf and spoken to the guys about it.

Thanks for your help.

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