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Unregistered 19th June 2013 10:42 AM

Tuttle fin in Deep Tuttle Box?
Please kindly help....

Although in most case, I will use 44 46 48cm Deep Tuttle Fin in IS117W. But when wind blows unexpectedly, can I put a 42cm fin Tuttle fin into the IS117W Deep Tuttle Box. Any bad effect ?


Macka Packa 19th June 2013 11:28 AM

I used 46 and 48 talon tuttle in iSonic 127 (deep tuttle) with no problems

Roger 19th June 2013 11:41 AM

Hi Unreg,
The tapers and side fit of the Std. Tuttle fin root will fit the deep Tuttle fin box perfectly. It's precisely the same configuration and the bottom of your board, the Deep Tuttle just extends a bit deeper.
You will need 2 longer fin screws to reach the barrel nuts or fin root threads.
You may need to do a little fitting to get the root to fit flush with bottom of the board, but the longer screws
are really the only change.
It will work perfectly!

Nakaniko Unregistered 21st June 2013 11:41 AM

I ALWAYS use TT weed fins in DT fin boxes of my F158 and Serenity, no problems at all.
Except for finding the two nuts of the fin from the deck of F158 when it's windy and you can't wait for going out... Keep calm and point well, hehehe

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