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Nordic windman 24th July 2013 09:39 AM

Phantom 295 the most versatile board on the market?
I am 86 kg and an experienced windsurfer, though not very advanced, having all types of boards (wave, freerides, slaloms and Formulas + an old Fanatic Cat that I have not used in years).

I have been looking for a long distance surfing board and gear which may work well in winds from 4 24 knots, having its best performace at 12 14 knots. I value control in chop, early planning and ability to go high also in light wind most. I find Formula to technical and fragile in open waters with big waves, and was very exited when the Phantom 295 was released. Especially I was attracted by the wing design, allowing early planning, and the compared to the NP Olympia board the Phantom was much lighter and probably more controllable?

Now the Phantom 295 has not established itself as the allround board I thought it would become, but is promoted as a raceboard for light weights. For guys in my class of weight the Phatom 320 is recommended on this Forum, but I consider the Phantom 295 to be a bit on long side to control in big chop, so the 320 is not an option at all for me.

Today I am using my Futura and Formulas as long distance boards. But the Futura is not an early planning board even using 9.5 sqm sail which becomes impossible to control if the wind increases. With a smaller sail I find the Futura difficult to control when overpowered, but I feel safer with the Futura then with my formulas in waves (1-2 meter).

I have considered the ultrasonic, and discarded it as it is absolutely hopeless in non planning conditions. I have considered the RR Freemove, but they are not much better in non planning conditions.

Now I am considering the JP lightwind boards or the Phantom 295, but the profile of the Phantom as a board for sailors under 80 kg makes me uncertain if the Phantom is the right choice for me. In addition none of the dealers in the Nordic Countries are marketing the Phatom anymore, there is no way to test it and it seems like Starboard has given up the ambition to make this board a hit. This is not signals giving me confidence to buy the Phantom. I am aware of that an allround board will not be the best board in almost any condition, but is it good enough to give pleasure in most conditions, and is it controllable for a big range of conditions with a given sail size? Comments are appreciated.

jw xxx 24th July 2013 09:06 PM

take out the CAT
you will be pleasantly surprised !!
it is my most used board - due to similiar local conditions !!

Unregistered 25th July 2013 08:38 AM

295 Phantom
The Phantom 295 has a large version for 2014. Just google search it. There are plenty of pics and articles.

Remi 25th July 2013 10:07 PM

Hi Norwich Windman

Be sure that Starboard didn't give up at all and our next event with that t board is in France next month.
For what you are looking for the Phantom 295 L will do the job perfectly and it's is a very Fun board to use.
hope this help
all the best

rww 27th July 2013 06:15 AM


I am considering a Phantom 295 as a light wind cruiser and occasional raceboard.

I am 63kg and currently sail a 2013 iSonic 107 with NP RS Slalom Mk iv 7.0 and 7.8 in medium to light winds and a 2008 iSonic with 6.2 and 5.5 in medium to strong winds.

Would the 295 suit me for that purpose? How would it go with my RS Slalom sails?


jw xxx 27th July 2013 07:32 AM

and i STILL do NOT see the 320 in the product list

Unregistered 31st July 2013 04:17 PM

Phantom 320
Phantom 320 is still available at Isthmus Windsurfing online. Check it out

jw xxx 31st July 2013 08:59 PM

yes saw a 320 at Isthmus - does once lisp when one says that name ?? [:)]

also saw one at windsurfing-direct - that one for sure is 2012 and ithmuth is probably 2012 as well

as Seinfeld used to say - "NOT that there is anything wrong with that"
butt after that ???


Remi 1st August 2013 02:02 AM

Hi Rww,

Yes the board will be fine for you but the sail is really not the best for light wind, but work. With the full package with 7.5 or 8.5 you will have much better result and fun.

All the best

Remi 1st August 2013 02:09 AM

Jw xxx

Still in the Order Form for 2013 and 2014

All the best

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