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philb 26th July 2013 04:49 PM

Fin for Futura 141

I am currently sailing a Futura 141 with a 8.5 sqm Tushingham Lightning sail and the stock 50cm fin. This works well for me. I am about to purchase a 7.0 sqm Tushingham X15 to extend my wind range with this board. I would like some advice to help find a good fin to work with this.

I currently plan to add an Isonic to the mix next year. It would be nice if the fin I select would also be suitable for that.

The board is mainly used for blasting on flat / choppy water. With some slalom when its on locally. I am in the 95 -100Kg range.


Remi 26th July 2013 09:43 PM

Hi Phil

The same profile in 44.
But if you want to buy the best iSonic for your 7.0 that will be the 97 and the fin will be different with slalom profile 36/38 cm

Hope this help

All the best

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