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robert 4th August 2013 11:03 AM

Change Futura 122 for new board ?

I own a FU 122 (2009), like the board but consider to replace it for a new board a bit wider (my FU is wide 72 cm and 47 cm. OFO) and/or more volume. Reason is my weight (98 kg) and that I often surf on lakes and when there is less wind the board is a floater for me or stops planing. Of course losing some weight (10 kg) would be an option, but I think I won't manage that.

So what about :
- FU 133 (wide 76 cm., OFO 50 cm. and 11 lt. more volume)
- IS 117 (wide 75 cm., OFO 53, the 2012 or 2011 version, but less volume)

Problem is that my FU 122 is my smallest board (own also a Futura 141, maybe later upgrade to an US 147), I sail it mostly with 7.8 m2. (4 Bft) or 6.7 m2. (5 Bft) both Neil Pryde rs:slalom sails. A new board must be able to handle 6.7 m2. (and 5.8 m2. (6 Bft) would also be nice).

So what are the differences with a FU 133 and IS 117 ? For exemple planing, topspeed, control ??? I heard that Isonic is better in control with big sails and overpowerd, also not very difficult to sail (I sail for about 30 years so no problem I think).

Need some advice. Thanks for any reply ! :)


robert 4th August 2013 04:22 PM

FU 133 must be FU 131 of course, FU 133 is the old model.

Jean-Marc 5th August 2013 01:20 PM


First, I don't know Futura so I can't comment.

However, I own an iSonic 117 Wide (carbon 2012) and it's a sinker for a 105 kg buddy + 9.5 m2 sail. The true volume of 2012/2013/2014 iSonic 117 is around 120 L, so it might be a semi-sinker or barely a floater for your 98 kg + 9.5 m2 sail.
Pairing an iSonic 117 with a 6.7 and a 5.8 m2 sail is a bad match IMHO. A 7.7 m2 sail is a killer combo on iSonic 117 wide in 5 Bft but I could not imagine going in 6 Bft wind + 6.7 m2 sail with such a large board.

Reality check on my home lakes is that most of my 100 kg buddies which are using a 85 cm wide board (iSonic 137, JP 140, Fanatic 135) are also using a 9.3-9.5-9.8 m2 sail and a 48-50 cm fin. Planing as of 11-12 knots of wind with lots of pumping (4 Bft). A 7.8 m2 sail is way too small in 4 Bft wind for a 100 kg rider.
Another 105 kg buddy is using an UltraSonic 147 with 9.0, 9.6 and 11 m2 sails (sustainable planing wind range between 3 and 5 Bft) mostly on lakes.

In summary, width AND volume are key factors for a 100 kg rider to enjoy windsurfing in 3 or 4 Bft winds on lakes.

Cheers !


robert 5th August 2013 05:09 PM

Hi Jean-Marc,

Thanks for your reply ! Wide boards (80 cm of more) are more lightwind boards I thought but you say IS 117 wide (80 cm) is also suitable for 5 Bft with 7.8 m2. sails (killer combo). Almost can't believe that (maybe in flat and not very choppy conditions ?) but would be very nice :rolleyes:, so IS 117 small (75 cm) would be for sure an option because even more control (I presume, I have no experience with IS).

Problem stays the volume for heavyweight when the wind decreases. Why is Starboard making more and more boards wider with less volume ? I guess for better sailing (planing, control etc). But for instance the IS 127 and 137 are good exemples, same width but more volume so better suitable for heavyweights. IS 110 though is wide 75 cm., but as we know only 110 litre and for heavyweigts in nonplaning situations a real sinker. Would be nice also to have an IS 120 wide 75 cm ? But for PWA sailing less suitable probably ... that's what IS's are made for I understood.

For now I think still a FU 131 is for me a better option, if the board is suitable for 5 Bft also in choppy conditions. The FU 131 has far more volume then the IS 117 small, also +/- 75 cm. width and +/- 50 cm. OFO ! I think these 2 boards are a bit lookalikes (at least the outlines), IS will be better upwind and a bit more control in overpowered situations probable (bigger sails) but FU 131 has advantage of more volume for heavyweight. Has anyone experience with the FU 131 or even the IS 117 small ??? :confused:


robert 26th October 2013 04:32 PM

Just sold my FU 141 and bought a IS 137. Still want to upgrade my FU 122 (2009), must be around 75 cm width so maybe FU 131 or IS 110 (2014).

Could anyone tell which handle chop best in 5-/5+ Bft (with NP rs:slalom 7.8/6.7 m2), FU 131 or IS 110 ??? Which is easier sailing ?

Both boards are same width and the 2014 cut away shapes looks also similair. Are the differences between the FU 131 and IS 110 very big or not ???

Of course the FU 131 has 20 lt. more volume. I understood from tests that the FU 131 flies very good over chops in windy conditions.

Thanks for any reply !

Remi 26th October 2013 05:12 PM

Hi Robert

The Futura are free race so close to top end speed as iSonic but more easier and comfortable.
iSonic pure Slalom machine fast active planing, big acceleration and hi top end speed.
In your case you have the iSonic 137, which sails you will use for this board?
In my opinion Futura 131 or iSonic 110 will be to close and not perfect for the sail size you want to use, recommand the Futura 121 or iSonic 107.

Hope this help

All the best

robert 26th October 2013 07:05 PM

Hi Remi,

Thanks for quick reply ! :)My IS 137 is brand new (bought yesterday), want to use mainly rs:slalom 9.2 m2. for light wind (3+ /4 Brf). I have FU 122 (2009) and I think it's not enough wide and volume behind, in heavy chop (4-5 Bft. on lake, like today, wind goes on and off) sometimes have spinout or loose some control. But when wind drops more floating than surfing, because 98 kgs.

Maybe FU 131 is close to IS 137 I know but IS is more light wind and FU is more medium wind for me. The rs:slalom 7.8 m2. off course is the overlap in sails. If FU 131 (2013 or 2014) is good suitable for 5 Bft. or even some more (can use rs:slalom 6.7 m2. on it ??) than that's a good option for me (more control in chop and less floating when wind drops).

I don't think IS 110 is better option for me, maybe IS 117 but that's to close to IS 137 (width 80 vs 85) ? Hope I can use my IS 137 soon, must be a great board !:D Maybe I will like IS so much that I change my mind ...


robert 30th October 2013 02:18 PM

Hi Remi,

I probably can buy an Isonic 122 75 wood (2008). Board has good reviews I understand (fast, control, planing in lulls, good in chop etc), but the volume is a bit less than 122 lt. (app. 114 lt ?). Isonic is more wide OFO vs the FU 122 so maybe no problem I presume. What do you think, also good option for me ? Can it handle also 6,7 m2. of even 5.8 m2. in strong winds ?


mark h 30th October 2013 02:48 PM

Hi Robert,

You will get a lot of use out of the iS137. For an XL slalom board, it has a massive range, but you must invest in 3 fins. I'm slightly heavier at 100kg and use a 52cm, I only use this in super light winds, 8-12k winds with a 9.5m. 48cm is also use with 9.5m and 8.6m, and when its a solid 15/20k I use a 46cm with the 8.6m. Iv'e even used the iS137/46cm with a 7.8m in 25/30k winds (it was all I had with me that day) and it worked really good.

What I'm trying to say is, with some decent fins, you will get a big wind range from the iS137. This would mean it is pointless getting an iS122.

At some point, your next size down has "got to" be much smaller than the iS137. For you, the iS107 or FU111 would be best. At 100kg, I do not sink on my iS107, maybe up to my ankles if the wind dies completly. You can uphaul on the iS107 if your quick about it. The iS107 is still a big board, so do not worry that it will be to small for you:)

robert 30th October 2013 06:16 PM

Hi Mark,

Thanks for reply. For IS 137 I have now 3 fins : S10 45/53 cm and S12 49 cm (just bought it), so that must cover it all. IS 137 you say is a great board and looking forward sailing soon. Your advice is not to replace FU 122 for a wider/bigger board, because of the massive range of IS 137. So I have to experience that, but some overlap is not wrong I think (because of conditions on my homewater with no steady winds). I must consider what to do:confused:, too many (star-)boards so too many options .... :)


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