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GO-FW 11th August 2013 05:52 PM

formula 155 2001 or Go 175 2010
Is there a chance that a Go 175 2010 will plane easier in 8-10 knot winds than the formula 155 that I have. I am using a 8.2 NP Diablo?

Unregistered 12th August 2013 09:05 AM

even if it does - that is a small sail for light winds
you must be a lightweight
for most people under 10 knots is longboard time
and that is lovely with an 8.x sail!!!

Roger 12th August 2013 01:28 PM

Probably not.
The 2010 GO 175 is 91 cm wide, which would make it likely to plane a bit earlier than the 85 cm wide F-155,
but the difference in weight (the 2010 GO 175 weighs 12.93 Kilos) would probably outweigh the 5 cm width
Also, you are using a fairly small sail. What is your weight/height....are you a small person?
Also I believe the Diablo is a fairly dated design so an upgrade to a more modern lighter weight
8.5-9.5 m2 Free race sail like the Severne Overdrive or the Sailworks Retro might get you planning
significantly earlier.
And, as with all < 10 knots planning scenarios, your pumping skills will be the key to whether you get
to plane or not.
I had some wonderful sessions back in the day when the Formula 155 was brand new.
We found then that putting a 70 cm Fin ( Formula fins had not been invented yet) in it helped
get you planning much earlier. If you have the water depth and clarity to sail a 70 cm fin, you can'
get the F-155 going about 2 knots earlier in the wind spectrum with good rig AND fin pumping
I was reading an old post on this forum from around 2000 where I sailed a F-155 in the Gorge
one week and in San Diego and Long Beach the next week. Great fun, and it was about the
fastest thing on the water at the time.

UnregisteredGO-FW 12th August 2013 04:23 PM

Thanks Roger!!!
I am 180 lb./81 kg.
I know I have to invest in a sail. I tried an 04 Ezzy Infinity 10.5 but I couldnt it handle in the F 155. Too heavy.
I am a beginner.
Vancouver winds in summer suck. For that reason the board I use the most is my wife's Go 200

Roger 13th August 2013 01:19 AM

What year model is your Wife's GO 200.
How wide is it?
We used to put 70 cm Formula Fins in the back of the '02 and '03 100 cm wide Start boards, and with a big enough sail,
they absolutely flew in light air.
The '02 with the more square stern was the favorite, but the '03 with the rounder tail was close to as good.
Planned about the same windspeed as the 100.5 cm wide Formula boards, but were a whole lot easier
to sail.
Just took a bit more effort/technique to get them going vs the Formula.
A big fin is your 2nd best friend to get planning early.
First you need the board width, they you need the big fin to go with the board width, then you need the big
sail to grab all the wind you can.

go fw 13th August 2013 09:11 PM

Roger, the go is 2002, and I love it, 280 x 90. Got a Curtis drake stocky 42. I have tried the 65 fin from the formula on it but didnt like it. I am still to fresh to handle that fin. Still hard to handle the lift it produces.
I am starting over with windsurfing after 20+ years out of the water. I remember myself planing on a Fanatic lite Bat with a 5.5 mistral in 1990 or so
I would love to learn to handle the F155. It would just take time. But I am tempted with the Go 175
When I get the chance I will get a newer 8.5-9.0 sail. What do you recommend? (lousy wind)

Thanks a lot Roger


Roger 14th August 2013 12:01 AM

Hi Rod,
I'm partial to the Sailworks Retro Free Race Sails (totally camless, but with almost race sail performance).
If you are in the USA that would be a good choice.
Severne Overdrive, and a few others in the "free race" category are large/light/ and promote early planning. You will probably need a longer mast, maybe a boom as well, but you increase your time on the water planning significantly.

Unregistered 15th August 2013 04:25 PM

I have found an Infinity 9.5 2006. Would work or too old and heavy?

Roger 16th August 2013 01:46 AM

Is this an Ezzy Infinity 9.5 m2?
Do you know where to locate a compatible mast for it?

Unregistered 16th August 2013 01:52 PM

Yes it is (2006). It rigs on a 490. I have a powerex reflex 3200(490). Also have a large chinook extension and a 40 cm North carbon extension
Would it be a good sail?

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