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Unregistered 19th August 2013 06:49 AM

Isonics 2014
can't visualize on line the 2014 isonics.Is it a common problem or do I need to make some trick to fix that?I just can see the link on "products" but no way to be directed on the page.Just 2013's page.

Wonder what's the difference in performance between the 110 '13 and '14.
Heard the '13 is super fast but got problems in gybes with rough water.Plus feedbacks are for a powerfull board with not great planning ability.In my view it turns the board as targeted for powerfull guys.
Trying to figurate out if replace my '13 117 with the new one or hold on with the 127 and get the 110 (plus a smaller board).

Unregistered 19th August 2013 07:51 AM

Don't think the 2014 Isonics are released yet. Try again in September / October.
Not sure which boards you have (127 and 117 ?).

Unregistered 19th August 2013 10:21 AM

IS '14 are just showing up in the website.
Wonder what's the differences 117 '13 vs 117 '14 and 107 '13 vs 107 '14.
Plus interested if the new 97 will charge right a 7,8 and in which condition.

mark h 19th August 2013 02:02 PM

Yep, 2014 full range is there. Delet your old saved SB and replace with the new 2014 SB site:)

Unregistered 22nd August 2013 12:23 PM

while comparing isonic 2013 and 2014 specs I?ve noticed the 2013 110 was listed as mid wind board (at the end of the day it seems it wasn't as someone charges it with the 9,2 and,except Cyril,nobody uses it as mid board) while the 2014 is listed as light wind board (the underhull is the same monoconcave as the 2 bigger ones),Wonder if the new one will be more at home with a 9,2/8,6 in about 13-22 kts and how's it with the 7,8 (if needs) in 18-25 kts choppy condition.
It will help me to decide if update my '13 117 with a '14 110 and the choose for the smaller size board (97?!).


Remi 23rd August 2013 03:30 AM

Hi All,

The 2014 110 is dedicate for light wind performances as 2013 (was a marketing mistake to put as medium board) due to the special light wind bottom that you have also on the 117 and 130.
By the way heavy guy like Cyrille prefer it over the 107 2013 for 8.6 who is the most use sail in PWA.
The difference between 2013 and 2014, we change the completelly the rails to be same as the 107 to increase jibe performances and also put the insert a bit more in board to catch less water. The board have also new cut aways configuration to increase planing, acceleration and top end speed. On top of that we make the board a little bit longer to have a better length balance. Highly recommend for those who use 7.8 and 8.6 in flat to moderate chop.
107 is totally new like 97, 90, 87 & 80. We improve the perfs with 8.6 but at the same time also with the 7.0 and of course the main sail 7.8. The board is more wider to support the 8.6 more easily and also with less wet surface to have less drags who is very positive for 7.0.
Basically all the board have a wider wind range with the new concept who come actually from the bigger size 110 to 130.

Hope this help

All the best

Remi 23rd August 2013 03:35 AM

Hi All

By the way, I am looking for an Sonic 110 2004 for to make a funny test with the new iSonic 110 2014 ;)

All the best

BelSkorpio 23rd August 2013 06:51 AM

Now it is getting even harder to decide between the IS107 and IS110, Remi. :)

Unregistered 23rd August 2013 09:27 AM

Has the new 117 improved in light wind perfs? Does it fit a 9,5 now? What's its best wind range now and what's the guy specs it's targeted to?
I think for a 75kg people it will be great together with the new 97 (hoping this last one will finally fit good the 7,8).
This year will be very difficult decide between the 107 vs 97...
WHat's new on the 97 and what's that for?

Remi 23rd August 2013 05:32 PM

Hi Unregistered,

Best sails doesn't change from the 110 to 130.
From 107 to 80 all of them handle better bigger sail size with out losing performances for the small one.
107 handle very well the 8.6 condition as request PWA racers
97 handle well the 7.8 now and still perfect for 6.2
Hope this help
All the best

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