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Tjess 24th August 2013 07:58 AM

US147 sailing tecnique
Hi- I have got the US 147 carbon. What a beautiful board! I also found a used Severne Overdrive 10. At first run something very scary to handle, but after some sailing I think it's a great combination together with the 58 cm fin.
I have never sailed big formula or Slalom gear before, and I wonder what tecnique I actually should us on this wide board and huge sail? I was told from some guys that I should sail on the fin- pressure on the back foot, locking down in seat harness to close the sail to the deck and press down the lee rail. I managed to to this last time in 6 m/s and I clocked 22 knots. It gave a good feeling of controll and sensation of flying on the fin. I have also tried the board with a 8 sq.m sail, no cam in more wind (8-9 m/s) Then I sailed it as I use to sail smaller boards, kept the board flat. More standing "seven" stance in waist harness, and the board felt more lively with better performance in speed and acceleration.
What is actually the right way to sail this equipment?

I am grateful for any advice here to get the most out of this fabolous board.

mcross19 25th August 2013 06:38 AM

Hi Tjess, I use also 147 from Starboard and 10m sail and I use a waist harness. I think you should adapt the super 7 stance on most boards as it is good practice. When up to speed these boards with the big fin will take even pressure on both feet but remember to curl your toes on your front foot to help keep the board flat.

Tjess 27th August 2013 08:37 PM

Thank you, Mcross. I also get the feeling that the super 7-stance is right, but how do you manage to close the sail down to the deck? When standing more upright in waist harness I do not manage to position the sail far enough back to close the gap between sail and deck.

mcross19 28th August 2013 05:25 AM

Are you more upright in a waist harness? I am not, I can adopt the same stance as people that use a seat harness and go equally as quick if not quicker. It is just a matter of getting used to it, get rid of the seat harness altogether you just don't need it. I can achieve a low locked down stance and rig back with a waist harness and feel very comfortable doing it. All about getting used to it.

It is not always neccessary to close the sail right down to the board all depends on the sail and how deep the foot of the sail is. All this seems to do is depower the rig more so perhaps it is not so important in lighter winds

Tjess 28th August 2013 06:03 PM

It's right as you say that I have to get used to it. The equipment is great to handle, I just need to find the right balance and stance. It's good you say this about closing the sail. I was told that It was necessary from a formula guy- but my experience is what you describe; I loose power. Then I keep on with my waist harness, and go for more fun riding! Thank you.

Ericred0 29th August 2013 06:28 PM

Hi Tjess Mcross
Sounds like its a matter of taste then, i like to sit in the harness and ride the fin.

BelSkorpio 30th August 2013 09:47 AM

Me too.
And it's for sure no sin to close the gap. As long as you don't exaggerate. I mean, when you feel at a certain moment that your speed "stalls", it's good to open up the sail again, let it breath, try different dynamic positions and later try to close it again. There is no such thing like 1 stable & ideal locked position. Just too many factors that change all the time while your surfing. That's what makes it so exciting !

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