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joe_windsurfer 27th August 2013 08:45 AM

Repairs on a Phantom 320
will start a new thread with my questions ...
as i am looking at a used Phantom 320 ...
it has 2 indents under the board
can these indents be easily repaired with an epoxy like MarineTex ?? or with ??
also, since they are forward of the centreboard, how much do they affect performance ?
especially in really light winds when most of the board touches water
thanx in advance !!!

also - why does centreboard look like it is backwards ??

Roger 27th August 2013 01:16 PM

Any surface dents can be filled with Marine Tex, or any epoxy based filler. Even regular lacquer putty
or auto body putty will work.
Fairing in the dents will improve the flow over the dents/dings and might give you a little better speed, but probably not a measureable increase.
In what photo/video do you see the center board mounted backwards?

joe_windsurfer 28th August 2013 07:47 AM

the centre board is not mounted "backwards"
what happens is...
the shape is "wider" at the base and gives a look i am not used to

regular fins taper back at the bottom - centre boards do not !!:-)

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