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mcross19 1st September 2013 06:24 AM

This forum is becoming a joke!
So you will let some foreign scam artist post a dubious looking link (see goroswholesalejp thread) to his website but not allow me to open a discussion about the Ultrasonic V RRD Lightwind

seems logical, not!

Roger 1st September 2013 10:34 AM

The "dubious looking post (see goroswholesalejp thread) has been removed as SPAM and the poster reported to the SPAM censor bot.
All obvious SPAM and other offensive or foreign character posts are removed as soon as I can get the time to remove them.
I have a life, and a real job, so it does not always happen 24/7/365 if I'm flying off on a mission, or working overtime to certify a ship (what I've been doing for the last week).
Your post on the RRD Lightwind is still up, and open.

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