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G 5th September 2013 01:49 PM

Isonics 2014
this year I've bought the 117 hoping it would have been enough in light wind for my weight/sails (77 kg - 9,2/8,6).It was my most used board while training as it's really a super wind range but,while racing,I was too exposed to wind shift,tides,wind holes after marks.I managed to make it work hardly pumping up the sail but the advantage built in the leg got almost annulled in the restart after gybes (when 10-13 kts).In the end I decided to give my "old" 127 2011 a chance.There was no doubt I was much quicker in light stuff but versus were a much larger carves in gybes,more physic effort in increasing wind and,probably,a reduced speed in the line.
For 2014 my doubts are:
-do I need the new 130 and swap for the 107 a bit earlier (being it bigger now) ?
-do I need the new 117 (better for my weight) being it improved in (very) light wind (10-13 kts) over the current one and swap for the new 97 (that finally seems a great size for 7,8 - 7,0) ?
-has the 127 improved in jibes with average guys weight?
-noticed the 130 has a larger tail than the current 127.Is the size spec referred to the hull (not considering the side cuts)?If yes the deck should be wider as well.Right?Is it the same for the other sizes?

That's all at the moment.

Thank you

Remi 21st September 2013 04:32 AM

Hi G
if you race in very light winds in your country, bigger equipment will be always better but more difficult around the mark.
130 is more easier in jibe for 2014 but still a big board who is perfect for big sails like 9.2 and 9.6.
If we make a short comparaison Steve Allen 84 kgs was this year on 110 but fécond that 117 will be a better board for him but not 127 and he is using same size sail as you.
The width at 30cm is from outline so the wet surface is way less.

All the best

fin66 27th October 2013 07:49 AM

I noticed the same. I was on 110 and 8.6. If I got away first it was ok but it was impossible to overtake or to get powered in disturbed waters after the mark. Now Im thinking about upgrading to the new 117. But would it carry the new reflex 5 9.0 or should i stick to 8.6. No news on severnes pages yet. My smaller board would be 107 with7.8 / 7

NWF 27th October 2013 06:46 PM

The new 117 with its redesigned tail will take a 9m with ease....I even know that one of the PWA racers even using 9.5 on his 2014 IS 117 ...

Remi 30th October 2013 11:43 PM

Hi Fin66

I confirm 9.0 Reflex 5 will be perfect on this board even better than 8.6.

All the best


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