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Unregistered 9th September 2013 07:12 PM

Using a Starboard Go as an SUP
I have an old Go - probably 2003 or so that I only occasionally use for windsurfing these days. I am thinking of trying it as an SUP for my 7 yo grandson. Has anyone used a Go for this purpose? What sort of in would you recommend. I believe these things have Deep Tuttle boxes.

Roger 9th September 2013 10:11 PM

Suggest you look for a small SUP board.
The GO Friendship is ~ 83 cm wide....far too wide for a 7 year old child to get any
Also, the rocker line of the GO is very different that you will find on a SUP board.
The GO was designed to plane on the surface from the front foot straps to the
back of the board and has a pretty strong "rocker transition right around the front
footstraps in the all the way back and out positions. Stretch as string over the bottom
from the rear to the front of the board and the "planning flat" will be very apparent.
SUP's on the other hand are pretty flat from front to back so they "glide" better.
If you want to work him to death just to keep going, the GO would work, but there are
narrower, longer SUPs just for smaller lighter paddlers that would work much better for
a lightweight.
Be sure to find a paddle (or cut one down) to his size.
Hope this helps,

joe_windsurfer 11th September 2013 09:10 AM


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