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Unregistered 10th September 2013 07:20 AM

Fin size Futura 141
I have a Starboard Futura 141 Wood 2012 as lightwind board. Normally I use it with a Gaastra GTX 9.0 and the 50cm stock fin. When the 9.0 is too much I want to switch to a NeilPryde v6 7.0. I want to buy an extra Venom Fin for that sail, but do not know what size: 42 or 44 cm. I will use the V6/F141 combo in choppy conditions and unreliable wind. I will not use the combination in overpowered conditions or with constant wind, because than I put the V6 on a Fanatic Eagle 100ltd with 36 fin.

Unregistered 10th September 2013 09:32 PM

i have an AHD FF 160liter /79 cm that i used to use as my lightwind board
used a 53 cm fin with a 10-oh
48 cm fin with 8.x
and 40 cm fin with 7-oh
you ask 42 or 44 - guess that is good range and choice is based on personal preference
for me 7-oh is 30 to 50 kph winds which i call mid-winds
so, i prefer to keep the fin smaller for speed and winds are usually fairly consistent in that range - even if up n down ie no schlogging
my guess is 42, but either will work
the venom fin is known and surely there is a place to check a chart ??

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