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JJG 23rd September 2013 11:09 AM

From IS 101L 2010 to 90L 2013
Ciao di Roma,
I am close to replace my dear but old Isonic 101L Wood 2010 with 90L Carbon 2013 as upgrade . To sail with NCX /OverDrive from 6 to 7.5m.
I know 97L would be more logic but it runs out-of-stock and can't afford 2014 prices.
74Kg/experienced - My 2 other boards: Isonic 86L and 121L , both 2010 Wood.

-Considering the 10L volume and 4cm width drop, what am I going to lose/gain?
- Would I still be able to float and uphaul rig in case wind goes suddenly down?
- Would 90L new shape/wind range not to close to old 86L?

Experts advice very welcome

chr 23rd September 2013 12:56 PM


Maybe I can help you out re: iSonic 97. Could you please email me at ?


Remi 24th September 2013 02:39 AM


If you can't afford the Carbon 2014, look at the Wood version who is already hi performances in small size.
The 97 will definitely the better option regarding the 2 other boards that you have. The 90 is to close to the 87 that you have already.
Also the 97 2014 is the one who make the much progress compare to 2013 models, a real rocket and all your sails will be perfect on it.
Hope this help

All the best

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