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bzh56 9th October 2013 06:54 PM

which expectations on prod board construction?
Hi guys,
This is the story of a guy who spends full price for a brand new kode wood 103 2013 uses it 15 min and jybes. When he turns, he is kind of overpowered by the sail and ends up with one of the feet in front of the mast rail and simply crack the hull straight through to the core. Can we talk about an accident which cannot be covered by the warranty? is this a defect? In 25 years windsurf I have never experienced this situation in a missed jybe with similar acrobatic move. Looking at the sandwich, it seems that the cloth used has been poorly wetted with resin. I am not a fiberglass pro of course and I sent 2 weeks ago the necessary info to my local shop. No news good news ; )
I would love to hear some feedback as whether other people had similar issues and managed to get the board covered by a warranty. After all, isn t the kode positioned to also carry the load of freestyle tricks. I had one at Rene Egli in June for a whole week. I also crashed there and no probs...the shape is btw awesome. I would love to hear some feedback, so thanks in advance. E

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